Archipelago Christmas market

Last year I arranged a xmas market in the barn two weekends in a row. This year I felt one weekend(next weekend) is enough which gave me more time to explore the yearly event down the harbour. Last year I ran down after my closing hour but today I even went twice, once in the morning and now after dark. There are art exhibitions, lottery, crafts and the usual xmassy stuff but of course since we’re on an island a lot of it has a seafood theme to it. In the fishing museum they kept up with tradition and served fried herring on crisp bread with sliced red onion, next year I promise I’ll try some. I think I counted five prawn lotteries! For some reason I expected the prawn price to go up during the weekend but it was the opposite. The big fishing boats were “parked” by the market and a couple of school kids were selling prawns straight off the boat, I still regret not buying any. IMG_5607Although I did treat myself to a pair of socks for xmas and got some for my family, now I just need decide which ones to keep!
People are in general very crafty on the islands, you know xmas is coming up when all the yeast is sold out and the shopping trolleys are full with pork for sausages. I bought some home made pickled salt gherkins and had my first glögg(Swedish mulled wine) for this year. A few weeks ago we had the privilege to test bake with 3D printed ginger cookie shapes and today you could buy them on the market. Palle who does the 3D printing also takes fantastic photos at sea, my favourite was the canvas lit up from behind, genius.

Silence is golden

IMAG5717I’m suddenly in bed with the most horrible cold. Last night my chest itched and this morning it rapidly took the worse turn. I went to work for an hour and had to go home. “Funnily” enough we were actually discussing this yesterday afternoon after our obligatory daily swim. What’s worse being deaf, blind or mute? Yes of course I know it’s not a funny thought but right now I’m very close to sarcasm and I must admit it’s really hard not to talk to anyone for several hours. Although for me it would be loosing my sight absolutely but my daughter said without a pause -hearing! For me it would be devastating not to do anymore photography but fot her it would be not to listen to music anymore. Every time I open my mouth or swallow it feels like I’ve eaten ten razor blades followed by a very painful cough attack. The one thing I’m grateful for though is that it could always be worse and I’m chained to the bed. I still haven’t reached that stage where my eyes keep running and I can’t keep them open, impossible to go to sleep so I’ve brought the laptop, a book and all the squares that I knitted ages ago for a granny-blanket. If I’m lucky I’ll get plenty done before tomorrow or I’ll just pass out…


Warm and comfy

IMAG3751 IMAG3827Time to snuggle up in blankets, winter finally seem to be coming (I know I named a post in September Winter’s coming turns out it was just a couple of frosty nights and it would be two more months until I had to turn the heating up). Living in an old house slippers is a must have! I started knitting this kind of slippers last year, it was so easy and fun, perfect to do while watching telly or shutting the brain off. Everyone in the family wanted a pair so that was the x-mas presents sorted. This year so far the production has been slower (lots of distraction see Phah! How long did that last?)but now it’s picking up again.
You knit one piece, sow it together and put in the washing machine, since it’s 100% wool it shrinks and goes fuzzy, thick and very cosy.

Keeping busy “doing nothing”

a friend(?), my gran and her sister

a friend(?), my gran and her sister

One from my grandmothers photo album. In her days it was frowned upon sitting down doing nothing. She always had something in her lap, knitting jumpers or crocheting bedspreads or curtains. The smile on her face when I came to see her with a pair of socks or blanket that I had knitted!
In keeping with traditions I am now knitting slippers. Not because I have to but I find it relaxing. Plus in this house a pair of slippers are always needed in winter.