Freezing winter exhibition

DSC_0201 DSC_0211 DSC_0213 DSC_0216 DSC_0229 DSC_0249-2 DSC_0259 DSC_0275The gallery was open at the weekend. 3 photographers and me had pictures on show and also selling cakes and postcards. I had put Christmas lights up on the outside and framed the windows with green branches. Thought to buy Christmas tree branches from the flowershop but realised that I had everything I needed in my garden. It looked so nice, cosy and Christmassy! Bloody freezing though. The temperature dropped to a few minus degrees(celsius) and there is no heat in the barn whatsoever. In the evening I walked around indoors wearing 2 pairs of stockings, a pair of trousers, slippers, hat, woolly scarf and 3 jumpers to warm up… Saturday we had lots of visitors but Sunday not many people braved the biting icy wind. The hens don’t seem to mind the cold. At one time they all came up to the barn, to peoples amusement. All in all a great weekend though! We sold my husbands sourdough bread and lots of jars with Nam prik pho and rest of the blackberry jam I made in autumn. I couldn’t help myself buying one of the other photographers photos so now I have a small collection on my wall(well two) and not only my pictures. I sold a few handmade necklaces as well as photos. A few weeks ago I started making them. The first ones looked fantastic and I was overjoyed for a few days, until a couple of days later when they had gone green. Panic! After lots of Googling I found out that loads of people have had the same problem. Now I’ve swapped glue and clean the glass, same as I do with the wet plates and it seems to do the trick! it’s so much fun making them and they look great. I don’t have to buy Christmas presents this year.

What’s brewing on the island?


DSC_0161DSC_0162-2 DSC_0171 What a great day! First I helped out at the second hand shop. All the Christmas decorations are out and I really got into a xmassy mood. I haven’t been there for a while and figuring there would be lots of nice new things I gave myself a budget. Of course it was all spent in the end. I picked up some nice plates, a thermos, glasses and a little santa. All useful things. There are so many things though that makes you wonder how you’ve lived a life without them(note: I’m being sarcastic) like the chicken stand for example, in case you want to grill 6 chickens in the oven at once… After the second hand my husband picked me up and we went to a beer tasting venue. I had no idea that there were so many beer brewing nerds on the island! By fluke I found a Facebook page the other day where they were promoting the venue and signed up. So we went there not really knowing what to expect, if I hadn’t swallowed my pride and asked for directions for “Bödeboa” we would never have found it. It was held where the fishermen usually fix their nets on the side of the harbour where there are no shops or tourists only fishing boats. We were handed a glass each with a presentation of 13 home-brewed beers and a voting slip. The winning beer would get honoured by the Hönö brewery to be brewed as a special edition and lots of other companies had sponsored with home-brewing kits and other prices. Pointing out that this was at 1pm, we started at number one and worked our way down, also the strength of the beers seemed to be more or less in that order. Number 13 was 9.2 %. So many fantastic beer flavours honey, chocolate, banana, stouts, ales and lager. My husband had bread yeasting at home so we only had two hours to spend, after beer nr 5 we had to speed up. The place was filling up rapidly, mostly middle aged men no surprise I was almost the only woman part from two more. We had such a nice time and both agreed on going next time and bringing some friends. Since we couldn’t stay until the end I don’t yet know who won but my favourite was Ålrajt (All ryet) an oat stout, lovely it was and the Lawnmower lager was the runner-up. The weather has been so messed up this last week, the two hours we spent in there it was really windy, sunshine and torrential rain, when we came outside the light was amazing. It was only 3pm. Felt a bit like when I was younger coming out of an illegal club at 5am when the sun was rising.

First egg! (again)

DSC_0107I have been waiting for the Silkies to show their true colour since they were born in May. We got rid of one cockerel, Vivienne, but wherever I read about silkies it states that they are notoriously difficult to sex. A definite hen can turn out a cockerel. Add on the fact that the remaining chicks play fight a lot, like cockerels but also like little chickens do. I’ve had a few scares where Esme(the crowing hen) has been sat in the tree cockadoodledooing and I’ve thought oh no here we go again…but yesterday we had the first tiny egg! It’s smaller than the Hedemora hens first egg only 28grams. The Hedemora hens have slowed quite a bit with their egg laying, we get about 2 eggs a day. I’m just happy to have any at all though. When we got the Silkie eggs we did decide to only keep two but now it’s so hard to choose… Sookie (first named Punken) looks so funny with her poodle head, Zappa is tame and pretty with her wildbird colouring but I wouldn’t want to loose Bigsy or Captain Pugswash either. Renée(no Ronnie after all) Biggs is pitch black with only a few brown feathers at the neck and Pugsy is a greyish black. They all have pretty turquoise dots by their ears(well where the ears would be if they had any). I do think we have maximised our hen quota so no more chicks this spring unless we sell some more off, promise!!DSC_0075-2 DSC_0058 DSC_0009