Freezing winter exhibition

DSC_0201 DSC_0211 DSC_0213 DSC_0216 DSC_0229 DSC_0249-2 DSC_0259 DSC_0275The gallery was open at the weekend. 3 photographers and me had pictures on show and also selling cakes and postcards. I had put Christmas lights up on the outside and framed the windows with green branches. Thought to buy Christmas tree branches from the flowershop but realised that I had everything I needed in my garden. It looked so nice, cosy and Christmassy! Bloody freezing though. The temperature dropped to a few minus degrees(celsius) and there is no heat in the barn whatsoever. In the evening I walked around indoors wearing 2 pairs of stockings, a pair of trousers, slippers, hat, woolly scarf and 3 jumpers to warm up… Saturday we had lots of visitors but Sunday not many people braved the biting icy wind. The hens don’t seem to mind the cold. At one time they all came up to the barn, to peoples amusement. All in all a great weekend though! We sold my husbands sourdough bread and lots of jars with Nam prik pho and rest of the blackberry jam I made in autumn. I couldn’t help myself buying one of the other photographers photos so now I have a small collection on my wall(well two) and not only my pictures. I sold a few handmade necklaces as well as photos. A few weeks ago I started making them. The first ones looked fantastic and I was overjoyed for a few days, until a couple of days later when they had gone green. Panic! After lots of Googling I found out that loads of people have had the same problem. Now I’ve swapped glue and clean the glass, same as I do with the wet plates and it seems to do the trick! it’s so much fun making them and they look great. I don’t have to buy Christmas presents this year.

That big yellow thing

DSC_0650Thought I recognised it but couldn’t remember what it was, hmm something from far back…Oh I know it’s the sun! Went swimming when the sun came up. November has been so gray. Some cities further north have had 1hour sunshine in the whole of November. The hens have been locked in their henyard for the past week due to the birdflu scare but seeing them cooped up in the shade broke my heart and I had to let them out. They ran straight to the sunny part of the garden and started cleaning their feathers and eating grass. I went inside for a glass of water just to run back outside to see what the big hullabaloo kackeling was all about. A cat (not ours)was attacking Bugget! Usually they are good at defending them selfes but she had gotten her head stuck in the net. I chucked the water over the cat and it ran off. Poor chicks they are having a rough time, can’t even enjoy the sunshine without risking their life. Not strange they are on an egg-strike. DSC_0659

A lot less chicken

DSC_0449All of a sudden the garden is covered in feathers. The hens are getting ready for winter while the days are rapidly getting shorter. A week ago we were drowning in eggs, 7 a day. I sold and gave away all of them just to, a few days ago, wake up to one egg a day. While the rest of the gang have figured out it’s best to drop a few feathers a time so the new winter feathers have time to grow out Maggie has shed almost all. She looks like a scruffy little poodle! Completely bare chest, neck and back with what’s left of her tailfeathers stod straight up. She’s shivering in the cold so I am really hoping that she’ll grow a new wintercoat very soon.

Maggie scruffy-poodle-hen

Maggie scruffy-poodle-hen

Winter bathing


This morning

Aaaaah…woke up to (almost)clear skies and went swimming. 1.5 degrees celsius in the water. Refreshing! Not all Swedes go winter bathing, most people think I’m crazy and question if it’s not dangerous. I’m sure it’s very good for the body and mind, since I started I’ve been sick less and feel happier and more energetic. It wakes up all the endorphins in the body and you can’t help coming out of the water with a huge smile and a nice chilly tingle in your spine the rest of the day. Although my little toes wouldn’t agree with me, they would rather stay wrapped up in woolly slippers.

Winter one week ago

Winter one week ago

feels like a month ago

feels like a month ago

One could almost fool oneself that spring is on it’s way. Although one week ago everything was white and I’m sure that as soon as all the spring flowers start popping up and we pack away our gloves and hats winter will come back for a second round. The hens are acting like cows let out to graze after a winter indoors, as soon as the snow melted away they started laying more eggs, now 3-4 each day and hassle me to be let out every time I look their way.

Sunday adventure

image“Just going to the shops” turned into a two hour long walk. I thought I would take a walk over to Fotö(Foot island). It’s just next to Hönö but I rarely venture over the bridge, almost changed my mind halfway there, the icy wind on the bridge was excruciating. Passing the harbour I noticed a trail leading up over the cliffs and thought why not take a little detour? I ended up by the big lighthouses that I’ve only seen from a distance. I wish I’d gone there before! The lighthouses are very impressive up close. They don’t light up anymore and some people want them gone, to save the money it costs to keep them standing. If you’re in a boat and see the lighthouses lined up you’re on the right track.

Heading back I got lost. Getting lost at Fotö is quite an accomplishment, it’s such a small island. I could see the bridge and the road but every direction I started walking I ended up at a cliff or ice and snow. Not knowing what was under the ice and snow I didn’t want to take any chances and turned around. Getting extremely tired from the walking and the cold wind I started daydreaming about laying down in the snow, closing my eyes for a minute, what if I would never wake up? Decided ending my life at Fotö would be kind of sad and I would probably be missed if I didn’t come back with milk and tea bags. I ended up retracing my steps and dragging my feet over the bridge back to my own island. I will definitely return, with my real camera. Maybe I’ll even dare to climb the ladder.image image image image image image image image image