A new gem

I’d like to say that I’ve been all over Hönö, the island I live on, but the other day I was shown a place that I’ve actually never been to(for what I can remember). So amazing and now my new favourite place. We have a large nature reserve with fantastic nature and I visit frequently on my guided walks, on my own, for a run or for photography.
It’s so easy to get stuck in habit and take the usual paths. This “new” area is apparently very popular with people doing bouldering and I can see why. There are huge boulders and small caves. The rocks are covered in moss and so are the trees growing in shelter of the wind.
I tried out my new camera given to me by a friend at xmas and developed my first pictures of the new year. Some real keepers! It would be perfect for wet plate photography but just carrying all the equipment up the mountain would be a days work.



IMAG2620 IMAG2604 IMAG2602 IMAG2593 IMAG2591 IMAG2582 IMAG2566 IMAG2565 IMAG2559 IMAG2554 IMAG2553This weekend we had the big Artwave at Hönö and the surrounding islands. Close to a hundred artists open up their studios or homes to the public. After more than two years of extreme labour I finally I got to use the whole barn for my pictures! Such a fantastic weekend. My husband smoked salmon, baked tonnes of sourdough loaves, banana toffee cakes and lemon poppyseed cakes and our daughter sold almost all of it the first day. I would estimate about 200 people came over the weekend. It’s been so stressful getting everything together and finishing the barn but definitely worth it. In the end of the day I was overwhelmed with all the positiv respons, everyone loved the gallery! A lot of islanders also thought it was great to have more culture and happenings and they all said they are looking forward to future events in the barn. Now I will sleep for a week and then get carry on planning the real premiere opening…


imageEvery year I contribute to the Wwppd with a pinhole photo taken on the day. This year my mind wasn’t in it to build a camera so I used my trusty wooden 4/5″ large format pinhole camera. Spent all day yesterday doing wet plates so I decided to do a pinhole wet plate picture. With the sunny weather I had an exposure time of about 5-6 minutes, yesterday when I used the Sinar camera the general exposure time was 4-6 seconds. It took some plates to get the composition right without a viewfinder but in the end I was quite happy with the result. My picture and many others from all over the world can be found at http://www.pinholeday.orgimage

Keeping busy “doing nothing”

a friend(?), my gran and her sister

a friend(?), my gran and her sister

One from my grandmothers photo album. In her days it was frowned upon sitting down doing nothing. She always had something in her lap, knitting jumpers or crocheting bedspreads or curtains. The smile on her face when I came to see her with a pair of socks or blanket that I had knitted!
In keeping with traditions I am now knitting slippers. Not because I have to but I find it relaxing. Plus in this house a pair of slippers are always needed in winter.