Swimming finally


I last went in January and have been so busy I haven’t had time but today was so beautiful and lovely it kind of made up for the rest of the months… The fog/mist was so thick all day and we could hear the fog horn going time and time again. Me and my daughter cycled down to the beach and I realised my battery had run out in my camera so my daughter sent me home to get another. It was all just so beautiful that you couldn’t miss out on taking photos. When a couple of swans swam into my picture it almost got ridiculously pretty. We went in the water, me actually three times! Sorry toes, they were like deep frozen little sausages and really hurt but it was worth it. While I kept my hat on my daughter went under wetting her head, kind of scary afterwards when your brain shuts down and you can only spin easy sentences… Lovely day though! From now on I’m  going every week.



fermented vegetables and kimchi

fermented vegetables and kimchi

I spent the weekend in London and while I was away my husband found a new hobby, fermentation. He’s bought a book The art of Fermentation and so far there’s three jars of veg and a jar of kimchi on the kitchen table. Apparently you can ferment all sorts of things. It’s also very healthy and a good way to use up the fruit and veg in summer. Next thing he will try is making mead, of course.

IMAG0551 IMAG0541 IMAG0532Spring is here and I washed off the London fumes in the sea this morning, now 5°C in the water. Spring flowers everywhere and sunshine! I love living on the Island but going away to a big city makes me appreciate it even more.