Christmas coming up!

IMG_5566Long time no blogging, feel like it’s hard to beat my last blog post, the Island doesn’t get much more beautiful than that…no who am I kidding, it is a small paradise whatever the weather. That said I’ve spent most of today indoors baking. Second of advent I have a Christmas market in my gallery/barn and there is so much to prepare! Last year the gallery looked great but I didn’t put any xmassy decorations in our home until a few days before Christmas. Today I washed all the windows, put the traditional lights up and also had time to pimp the barn a little bit. I’ve started baking already, the traditional Swedish Lussebullar or Lussekatter as most people say. The are buns with lots of saffron, decorated with raisins and we also put sugar on top. We also made a ginger cookie and white chocolate cheese cake which tastes very promising!

The weather this winter has been as usual varied…we did have heavy snow for a day but then it rained away. That morning with the snow the chicks were so funny. They all queued to get out as usual but froze in their tracks and then desperately dove back in. Before when we’ve had only Hedemora(a traditional Swedish heritage breed) they haven’t minded it too much but this mixed race bunch did. Only Lilja(Lilly) dared to get to the food outside and then dove back inside. He(we hoped that is was a she when we named him) is so gorgeous, pitch black and the tail feathers are growing by the day. I had to kill two cockerels last week and it was the toughest  so far because they were so big and strong. Now we are hoping that Lilly will get to stay all depending on how load he will be. Peanut the other cockerel born in spring is doing great, he is so goofy but still manages to keep the flock at peace. We caught him chasing his own tail feathers one day…but if any of the hens are mean to another hen he is right there to brake it up.


Peanut with his posse


Snowy shots

IMAG4212Snow and sunshine here at last! Spent all day outdoors yesterday shooting wet plates. Well, shooting doesn’t actually sound like it goes with the wet plate process since it’s so slow. Exposures were around 10sek for my glass plate negatives. I will try to get them printed tonight, not to waste another lovely snowy day.

I take my last post back by the way, the chickens are pretty tough. I guess they are getting over the first chock of seeing and feeling snow. They were out there with me for quite some time. Hopping/flying around but still making that discontented purring noise.IMAG4215 IMAG4219 IMAG4220

Not so fearless chicks

IMAG4180 IMAG4192I thought the hens weren’t scared of any weather. One could probably count the days they’ve stayed inside on one hands fingers. Even yesterday when the temperature dropped suddenly down to -9 degrees celsius they still ventured out. Then last night it finally snowed! When I opened the hatch this morning Buffy stuck her head out and made a noice I can’t explain, she ate some snow and carefully tried walking on it. It took at least five minutes before the others dared. They all flew up on the sitting stick and after about two minutes ran back inside. Now the cowards have stayed in the henhouse all day, muttering away and as to show their contempt, haven’t laid one egg yet today.