Best start of the day

Morning run in the glorious island nature, before school and work. So many wild flowers! It’s like a postcard every way you turn. Todays run was a bit heavy going after a period of slacking but we made 5km at least(with some walking). Then what can be better than to finish it off with a dip in the sea? The water temperature is still nice and cool, around 15°C is my guess, so you get that refreshing feeling afterwards. It kept me going all day!

Running again!

I’ve never felt as good as I did while running last year, then lack of time caught up, a cold and I stopped. Now my daughter got me going again. I’d forgotten how great it feels to run along, thinking about nothing and everything. In a few weeks I’ll even be able to run to the bus without dying. It does help having someone to run with and the biggest carrot of all, we live in such a beautiful place! The last week we’ve gone out every other day, exploring parts of the island that we haven’t seen much of before. I’ve gone back afterwards with my camera to take pictures. Yesterday my daughter was knocked with a cold but I decided to go out anyways(she’s getting into shape much faster than me so I’m taking no chances)I followed a tiny trail for about half an hour, the grounds were very wet which was good because it forced me to slow down and do some walking as well. It’s so hard not to over-do it in the beginning. With the mist and the waves along the dark seashore I had to stop myself from running home to get my camera. Here’s a darkroom print from one of our outings the other day:


Lithprint The path 2016

I found gold!

chanterelles, gold of the forest

chanterelles, gold of the forest

tasty free lunch

tasty free lunch

When I went running this morning I made a little detour through the woods. Apparently this year has been a “mushroom” year and people brag about all the tonnes of chanterelles they’ve picked on the mainland. Fat chance to find them out here, I thought, but I then remembered finding just a tiny amount a few years ago. So I went back to where I thought I remembered to have found them. When we were little and went mushroom picking my mum used to talk about putting “your mushroom eyes” on. In fall it’s not easy to see yellow chanterelles under yellow autumn leaves but as soon as you find one you will have your “mushroom eyes” and find more. I had brought a plastic bag with me in case the blackberries had matured but I ended up filling it with chanterelles instead! How cool isn’t it to go out for a run and come back with lunch?? Of course I can’t disclose where this place is, in case any islanders happen to read my blog, but I’ve made a clear note of it in my head. Back home I brushed them off, fried in butter with salt and pepper and had on homemade focaccia with mayo. Yummy!

On the road again

IMAG3106 IMAG3107 IMAG3113 IMAG3120Finally I’m running again. I’ve not had time or the urge all summer but now is the time. Determined to take it easy for my bad knees and snapping ankles I started off with walking more than running, feeling surprisingly fit after summer. Yesterday I thought I I’d take a short run along the beach but it turned into a long one. It was so pretty and fun to to run/walk/jump on the rocks along the coast that I completely lost track of time. The surroundings are so breathtakingly beautiful and I also love the fact, something our Airbnb guested usually comments on, that during my whole run I only saw one other person. I went all the way out to the lighthouse, that area is called Hönö Head, and on the way back the water was so tempting that I couldn’t resist the urge and jumped in. The water was lovely, running back in wet underwear was not but definitely worth it! An hour and a half later, instead of the usual 30 minutes,  I dragged my legs home tired and happy. So much for taking it easy.

The lost picture


The picture that didn’t happen

Beginning of the year I started running and now I actually wake up in the morning thinking -yeay today is running day(I know that’s not normal)! I’m forcing myself to limit the distance and speed and only do it every other day, to limit the damage of my knees and ankles. The problem though is that I keep running past so many pictures. I think photography all the time but running with any of my cameras would be a joke. They are not very light-weight. Yesterday I missed the best picture. There’s an old outdoors toilet by the cemetery and running past I saw the top of a x-mas tree sticking out. Proof of the x-mas tree hunt still going strong! I went back later with my camera but of course it was gone. Also, running around, I’ve found lots of pictures I want to take with my wet plate camera. Now I have ordered a box that I will use to make a portable darkroom so soon I can be out and about making plates and not restricted to the garden.


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