Christmas market in Galleri Gårda

So last weekend I had a Christmas market in my gallery/barn. Day before any event I always think nobodie’s gonna come but Saturday visitors flooded in from opening time! Like last year I invited local people to sell their craft. Sheep fur from happy free grazing sheep, honey from bees buzzing around at Rörö one of the neighbour islands. They also sell locally produced meat. In autumn A lady I know had a cement workshop and I invited her for the market, she sold lovely lamps shaped like stars moulded with cement and old time looking lightbulbs plus loads of other great looking ornaments. Then we had Xmas decorations made of cans, christmas trees, chillies, pine cones, lace etc. As always we offered homemade cakes, coffee and warm glögg(Swedish mulled wine). The gluten free chocolate cake we made this summer sticks with us, it it sooo good and now we added crushed polka canes to it, perfection! The hot Indian daahl lentil soup and rosted tomato soup also sold out. All in all a fantastic weekend and 10 minutes before closing it started snowing like crazy! Perfect finish to a great weekend(although it took me a couple of days to thaw…)!

Wisdom comes with age

IMAG1934Ok, so I’ve asked two of my neighbours and they both said the same thing -chuck the old floor out and put new wood in. I guess I knew but can’t help being sentimental, wanting to keep everything old. Their combined time spent on this earth is 180 years so who am I to argue with my 35?
I started taking the floor out, piece of cake, but there will be a lot of work emptying out what’s underneath. At one end there’s about 30-40cm free space (well if you don’t count the rubbish) but the other end has packed dirt and dust almost right up to where the floorboards where.


IMAG1855Clearing the floor made me feel like an archaeologist. I’ve found lots of little treasures, well treasures for me junk for most people, including another part of the fish.
Now the floor is swept and next step will be actual repairing. First I’m inviting my neighbour around, who’s a retired carpenter, for some advice on what to do and what not to do.


imageSome very old doors I’m keeping. The greenish one is the old basement door. According to my neighbour, my great grandmother was very dominant and she did not agree to renewing it. When her son ordered a new one she made a second call to cancel it, without telling.