That xmas feeling!

The last few weeks everything has centred around getting my Christmas market ready. This year I tried staying open for two weekends but sadly the weather wasn’t on my side. Rainy and windy, not many people dared to venture out to the island. Although, we still had a great time!
My theme this time was a different xmas market and I think that’s definitely what we had… First weekend I invited a tattoo artist, I got my first tattoo ever and the oldest customer also had her first one, she’s 78. I sold my analog photographs and invited a local to sell his fantastic lamps made out of old cameras. On top of that of course we had homemade cakes for sale and my husbands spicy Indian Daahl soup with freshly baked sourdough bread. We sold out of Nam Prik Phao(Thai chili marmalade) and xmas mustard. I made one quite spicy but the favourite was sweet, full of flavour, a bit of brandy and sooo nice!

The second weekend I invited a band to play, my son and students from his music school, to play acoustic xmas songs, it was so perfect in the barn. They were great!

Yesterday we got a Christmas tree from the harbour. My husband stood guard outside while I made space for the tree in our living room, apparently some kids started the big traditional hunt already(which is really not fare and totally against the rules) and someone got their tree stolen from their garden day after they bought it. If you are interested in what the Big hunt is all about check this link out: The big hunt is on! or read more about it at Easter!


Beer, beer and more beer

So one of my favourite days on the island came up! The annual Home brewers beer tasting event. Last year the tickets sold out in 4 minutes! I happened upon the venue three years ago and we had such a great time, since then it’s grown rapidly and changed location but still such a great time! Last year my goal was to try all beers, 34 or something, I did and then some but this year there were 55 beers… So I went for the nice sounding lagers to begin with. Kudos on the brewers who come up with some fantastic puns naming their beers. My immediate favourite was the “Bagebrööl”(Hönö bread is called “Bagebrö”), plus points for the Hönö bread to taste and the beer was actually brewed with Hönö bread crumbled into the brewing mixture. Coming back to it later I actually preferred another beer from the same brewer “Guardians of the Galaxy”.
I like to taste weird beers, a lot of the time you are disappointed or worst case disgusted but this year I was thoroughly impressed by the quality. That actually goes for all beers I tasted but I especially liked the blackcurrant beer and the mango/youzo beer.
We tried to plan for the occasion and lay the ground work for the next day and decided to go out to a pub on the Island for a music quiz. Joined by two English music experts my confidence was high. The place was absolutely steaming with people when we got there but we managed to grab some chairs at the bar. We did pretty well with the questions, apart from the Swedish ones BUT realised after the marking that I had forgotten to write some of the answers on the questionnaire that I had actually written on the scribble paper… Anyways we had a great time and then looking out the window- Who could wish for a better view from the pub??


Amazing voices and the Monday blues

IMAG6092 IMAG6100 IMAG6101 IMAG6114 IMAG6116 IMAG6121After a fantastic weekend it’s kinda hard to wake up to a normal day. Yesterday was the first time I had a music event in the barn/gallery. After months of planning and promoting my nerves were wrecked and I could hardly breathe. At first I was worried that no one would show up and then lots of bookings rolled in and I started freaking out about too many turning up. Turned out I could have saved myself from all the stress, the day was absolutely fabulous! The band was called Irmelin, a folk music trio from Sweden. They have toured all summer and this was their finale. Just the right amount of people turned up. Sitting in the barn listening to Irmelin singing old Swedish folk songs a’capella was a completely magical experience. Afterwards everyone had a second go at the “fika” table and mingled outside in the sun with chickens, dogs and children running around. It was the first music event in the gallery but definitely not the last!

Reclaim the land

So finally the barn is project nr one once again. I started clearing the in-between the barns in autumn but now, with the help of the neighbouring barn’s owner, I made some progress. Looks like it’s all cleared but the “ground” is about half a meter taller than on the other side. There is so much junk, old tiles, broken glass, dirt etc that has accumulated over the years. Of course being two people instead of just me made the job much easier. I also ended up swapping my dad’s old broken guitar for a couple of old scratched Rolling stones vinyl singles and another real treasure “Lelle gale” by Harald råg. My uncle played bass in that band years ago and I remember playing that single over and over again! Now the remains of the band are called Sörns(I hope I’m not stepping on anyones toes now, skipping parts of history or getting facts wrong?) and they are the stars of the island I’d say. All their songs are about island life and fishing.

Also reclaiming the garden from the hens. So far they have had their way with the flowerbeds and it looks like a small tornado has flown through. Now some plants have started growing. I put a short green fence up surrounding the flowerbeds but let them keep the berry bushes and all the hedges of course. We’ll see how that goes.

Reclaiming veg patch is going slow. I built a compost and lined it with some woven garden textile to keep out ivy and other stuff growing next to it. Some of the old logs that we found in-between the barns I put out as frames, they are probably dosed in kerosene(?) but I figure they have been rained on for at least 40 years, it should be gone? I hope? Anywho, soon time for a new floor soon and then it’s business in the barn!
IMAG4406 IMAG3774 IMAG1676