Fancy a dip?

IMAG3976 IMAG3989 IMAG3994 IMAG3998 IMAG4003 IMAG4006A few mornings ago I woke up to a winter wonderland! Usually it will snow, everything’s white for a day and then it turns into a grey brown mush and melts away but now it’s really darn cold out there. So yesterday I decided to make the most out of the weather and have a barbecue down the beach. It would have been nice to go ice-skating on one of the ponds but I banged my knee up the day before. All excited I packed a bag, dressed warm and asked the family to get ready just for them to turn me down. It’s too cold, it’s too early, it’s Sunday…loads of excuses but eventually they felt sorry for me and gave in. Coming down the beach was just glorious! -13°C(warm if you compare with North of Sweden where it’s -40!) and blazing sunshine. Loads of people were out walking, pulling their kids along on sleds or another popular method, tying one or two sleds to a moped. We had a simple bbq with hotdogs and marshmallows and I ran around taking pictures with my camera for the day (an Agfa Clack). Then my daughter said it would have been nice with a swim, just what I had been thinking. We packed up, walked home to pick up towels and back to the sea for a dip. I told her about ten times that she could chicken-out if she wanted to but she actually did it! As the responsible parent I am I told her to keep her hat on. The temperature of the sea was 0°C and it had started to freeze over in some places, give it a few days and it will be frozen all over. It was surprisingly bearable, with the sun warming us we didn’t even have to rush to get dressed. Well, apart from my poor toes, took a few hours to get the feeling back. I asked my daughter if she enjoyed it and she replied -No not really but now I feel very proud of myself. And so she should be!