Artsy fartsy

So the summer ended in an art bonanza. First The Artwave, when all artists on Hönö and surrounding islands open up their studios or homes. I shared my gallery for the weekend with a very talented glass artist but we hardly had time to see each other, on the Saturday we had a few hundred visitors! The weather on Friday when we set up was abysmal with torrential rain storms but the rest of the weekend was lovely. We sold lots of cakes and home made preserves and photographs on top of that. Then a couple of weeks later an exhibition with two photographers from another part of Sweden. They both do analog photography and a lot of the same techniques that I use. Great photographs and a lovely weekend! My husband smoked salmon and baked sourdough bread, I think I’m addicted to smoked salmon now, and we sold out most of the cakes on the second day. We were very generous with the opening times and I thought we would have to take turns or read books but the weekend past very quickly. On the last day it was more quiet and I took the opportunity to photograph my fellow photographers. Always nerve wrecking to photograph photographers but I hope I passed the test.

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Christer and Sibylla Törnkvist

The Art wave and wet plates

August is turning into a wet month… At the weekend all artists on Hönö and surrounding islands opened their studios or homes to the public. Konstvågen (the Art wave) is a yearly thing and this was the fifth year I participated. After the wet plate gathering last week I was really itchy to have some plates done so I gave my last plate holder a little seeing to with sandpaper and tape. It held for 3 portraits before it broke in two pieces. Doesn’t sound much but I was happy with finally making one! The day after I used the smaller camera and took a few more portraits of visitors. The weekend was great with loads of people braving the wind and rain showers. We sold lots of “fika”, hot sauces and pictures and postcards as well. I felt a bit blue on Monday, it was so much fun taking pictures of the public but with my equipment playing up I can’t do it. My husband finally had enough of my whining and told me to just buy a new camera so now I have! I can’t wait for it to arrive!IMAG5956 IMAG5952 IMAG5951 IMAG5949 IMAG5948 IMAG5946 IMAG5936 IMAG5934 IMAG5925 IMAG5933


IMAG2620 IMAG2604 IMAG2602 IMAG2593 IMAG2591 IMAG2582 IMAG2566 IMAG2565 IMAG2559 IMAG2554 IMAG2553This weekend we had the big Artwave at Hönö and the surrounding islands. Close to a hundred artists open up their studios or homes to the public. After more than two years of extreme labour I finally I got to use the whole barn for my pictures! Such a fantastic weekend. My husband smoked salmon, baked tonnes of sourdough loaves, banana toffee cakes and lemon poppyseed cakes and our daughter sold almost all of it the first day. I would estimate about 200 people came over the weekend. It’s been so stressful getting everything together and finishing the barn but definitely worth it. In the end of the day I was overwhelmed with all the positiv respons, everyone loved the gallery! A lot of islanders also thought it was great to have more culture and happenings and they all said they are looking forward to future events in the barn. Now I will sleep for a week and then get carry on planning the real premiere opening…