Spring surprise!

Feels like spring has been going on forever this year. It got really warm and then suddenly snow, rain and cold winds. Always a nice surprise to see what I planted in autumn though. I’ve completely forgotten and now loads of pretty flowers are blooming. The little chickens we got have turned big. They follow me wherever I go because I’ve spoilt them rotten feeding them overtime I go out, they are so cute! Definitely not the breed we were told but we love them anyways. The little white&black one is called Astrid and the white&brown is called Peanut. We waited a long time to name the black one, it’s most likely a cockerel but we decided on Woody. Today Maggie decided she wants to become a mum so we’ve ordered some fertilised eggs. The garden is coming along nicely. I built a frame in the crazy-always-overgrown-by-weeds-veg-patch and planted loads of vegetables and made sure to make it chicken proof. Started building a greenhouse a while ago, put hours and hours into it then someone came along the other day and asked :Is there really going to be enough sun in there? …after a few days of thinking I realised that Nope it’s not. So now I have to move it. Oh well, start over do it right! Today was sunny but a very cold wind so I changed plans from going out in the nature reserve to staying home having a bbq for lunch and then watching movies and pretending it’s Friday.

21 days

imageBugget has decided she wants babies. She’s been laying in the nest without a break, screaming at anyone coming close. At first I thought to just leave her at it. The killing of the cockerels last year is still a sore wound in my heart but the more people I asked for advice the more sense it made to let her have her way. I decided to put my feelings aside and think more of Buggets feelings. So today we lifted Bugget and put 10 fertilised eggs (bought of the internet)in the nest for her to look after. If everything goes well she’ll be a mum in 21 days! Still a bit young to be a mum but hopefully responsible enough. And then sitting down in the sun on the stairs outside I realised…I’ve put myself in exactly the same situation as last year! Now I have to build a bigger henhouse. Some people never learn eh?

Damage control…

IMAG4022 IMAG4016 IMAG4017 IMAG4018 Cheers, tanks a lot Sven(ironic)! I went out for a meeting last night, it didn’t seem that bad. Coming out of the meeting there was a full-blown storm and rain mixed with snow. Putting my daughter to bed the whole second floor was shaking, her bed was shaking. In the morning it looked like someone had chucked a bucket of mud on the windows, salt mixed with dirt. Sven also turned my fence into chopsticks and the hen yard. Luckily the henhouse stood and the chickens were fine but very unhappy to be locked in the house. I let them out for an hour, they didn’t mind the snow or wind and I had an exhausting hen chase trying to get them back in the hen house. IMAG4035

The storm is supposed to go on until tomorrow so unless the wind changes, I’m going to leave all reparations for a day. I noticed the tin-roof on one side of the barn is flapping, if the wind turns it rip it off, so here’s hoping…


IMAG3919After a couple of below zero temperature nights, I spent some hours cold-proofing the henhouse. I bought a water heater to stop the water from freezing. Put a new vent in instead of the hole in the wall and they’ve now got double glazing. I’m also going to isolate the roof.
My daughter thinks it unfair that I care more about the hens being cold than my children, to be fair to me I don’t let them freeze, when they complain I just bring a blanket or some slippers.


Are you talking to me?

38g and 49g

38g and 49g

I’ve started weighing the eggs, yesterday we had the smallest and the biggest so far! Nugget and Bugget produce a steady two eggs a day, apart from one day when I had them loose in the garden all day. They are getting braver and this morning I left them for five minutes and found them in the neighbours garden.

Spoiling the chicks

IMAG3151 IMAG3150The chickens got to run around free in the garden all day while I put together a rain shelter for them.  I’m quite proud of the days DIY but not sure how much help it will be. At Hönö it rarely rains straight down, it’s almost always windy so the most common is horizontal rain. Windows at one side of the house will look like you’re in a carwash while the other side is completely dry. Oh well, at least I got to work on my building skills.
I also extended the net so they have more grass and space in their yard. When I let them all back in again, Bugget, Maggie, Pidgey and Buffy ran into the house and Nugget stayed outside. She walked around making very strange noises like there was some danger close by, then she froze and stared at me and went Kakaaaaaka, really loud! I don’t no if she was grateful or telling me off?