Building things

So, I began with a greenhouse, moved over to building a hammock and now I’ve started building a table. I really want the hammock finished but the table is essential for next week when I’ve rented out the gallery for a day. So my plan is to build at least one but preferably two. Now I keep the gallery open every weekend but it works out really well because I’m always out there all weekend anyways doing my projects. Today was a challenge though. I knew I was on a tight schedule. All week it’s poured down, yesterday we had a nice visit to Grötö with co-workers from the second hand shop and we missed most of the rain but mainly it’s been torrential! Grötö is still one of my favourite islands even though it’s true what everyone say, there’s not much there, no shops, no cars but oh so cosy. Norwegian weather(they are so much more accurate than Swedish weather that most swedes check instead) said sunny all day and rain tomorrow so my plan was to finish all my projects. BUT the cutest little chicks caught all my attention and instead I brought them out of the basement and, with my daughters help, built a cage so that we can move them outside without the other older hens pecking at them. Eventually it poured down but my table is almost finished. Now all I need to do in the week is cook a hell of a lot of snacks, cakes, bake bread(or buy? because my husband is still at work) and plan for 30 people eating on Tuesday and Saturday my neighbour has his record release in my barn, so counting at least 50 people then… I feel like YES has been the word of this month so wish me luck!

Spring surprise!

Feels like spring has been going on forever this year. It got really warm and then suddenly snow, rain and cold winds. Always a nice surprise to see what I planted in autumn though. I’ve completely forgotten and now loads of pretty flowers are blooming. The little chickens we got have turned big. They follow me wherever I go because I’ve spoilt them rotten feeding them overtime I go out, they are so cute! Definitely not the breed we were told but we love them anyways. The little white&black one is called Astrid and the white&brown is called Peanut. We waited a long time to name the black one, it’s most likely a cockerel but we decided on Woody. Today Maggie decided she wants to become a mum so we’ve ordered some fertilised eggs. The garden is coming along nicely. I built a frame in the crazy-always-overgrown-by-weeds-veg-patch and planted loads of vegetables and made sure to make it chicken proof. Started building a greenhouse a while ago, put hours and hours into it then someone came along the other day and asked :Is there really going to be enough sun in there? …after a few days of thinking I realised that Nope it’s not. So now I have to move it. Oh well, start over do it right! Today was sunny but a very cold wind so I changed plans from going out in the nature reserve to staying home having a bbq for lunch and then watching movies and pretending it’s Friday.

Work it!


I have a person doing work practise with me until March. It’s proven the best way to get productive! Monday we packed the bike trolley and ventured down the beach to do wet plates. It was very wet indeed. The air was so cold and clammy that the glass plates kept steaming up but we managed some good plates in the end. Back home we warmed up in the darkroom and made contact prints from the wet plate glass negatives that I made in the studio over the weekend. One is a definite keeper, I think I’m becoming addicted to tulips.

Phone picture of the drying contact print made from a glass negative

Phone picture of the drying contact print made from a glass negative

Today the plan was doing more prints in the darkroom but the weather was just irresistible. Sunshine and everything covered in frost. So we went down the beach and the nature reserve with some old cameras and my favourite pinhole camera. Just stunning! I got my mind set on a picture I wanted and ended up getting my feet wet. Haven’t developed the pinhole negatives yet but I’m sure it was worth the pain. Happy, sunny and hungry we returned to develop some rolls of film in Caffenol. This is my favourite way of developing using only coffee, washing soda and vitamin-C, no bad chemicals. Even though I enjoy working on my own it felt great to share the day and also having an assistent on hand. I have a feeling February will be a very productive month!



Swimming with aliens

DSC_0293 DSC_0287 DSC_0294Went down the beach for a swim with our most frequent American/Irish visitor(well you could almost say he’s Swedish with all the time he spends over here). As we were getting in the water we realised there where hundreds of tiny little jellyfish babies floating around. They didn’t look like the usual jellyfish and taking a closer look we could see little ripples of light flashing inside them. Woah! A new species maybe? Or space invaders? They didn’t seem dangerous so we got in after all. Must admit it felt a bit weird going under knowing that you would probably come up with a tonne of jellybabies in your hair. I joked and said -Look behind you there’s a big one! But he didn’t fall for it. After getting out and heading for towels he says -Wow look at that huge one! I’m just about to say ha ha but glance over and there is the big mama jellyfish. Huge! Bright orange about 30cm wide with strings over 2meters long. The blue jellyfish are harmless but these red ones are extremely painful to get stung by. We both drew a big sigh of relief that we had gotten out of the water in the nick of time(anyone who’s seen Friends on tv know what you have to do if you do get burnt…)!

big Mama

big Mama

looong burning strings

looong burning strings

tomorrow never happened

a "whatsitcalled" that they sit on and sleep

a “whatsitcalled” that they sit on and sleep







well it did, but I wish it hadn’t. Juggled two kids last day in school celebrations trying my best not to cry. In the morning I had a shower upstairs and it started dripping from the door frame downstairs. Then I get a call from the tax-office who’d messed up and forgotten to stamp a paper they needed to let me get married. Paaaanic!

Anywho, today I decided  -enough stress already! Just shut my brain off and got working on the henhouse. I finished the walls on the inside, built a thing with sticks that they can sit on and painted the whole interior. Started on the netting and if I can manage to add another layer of paint tonight we can let chicks move in outside tomorrow!


researchThe last week I have turned my emotions off and put 100% effort into chucking things out and carrying heavy stuff. Yesterday the skip was picked up so now I can relax a bit and do it in good time. Sooo I did some research into getting hens and ended up making “the call” last evening to order some chickens. New family members, so exciting!