Spring is in the air!

It seems like every weekend lately has been super windy and/or rainy but today was absolutely wonderful. I spent all day out with the best company one can have -chickens- We, I say we because they were a great help, dug up the weeds that had already sprouted even though it’s only March. I harvested some veg and realised that we don’t have to buy parsly ever, so much has survived “winter”.
My plan is to let half the lawn on the front side of our house to be a meadow and the other half for planting boxes. I somehow outdid myself ordering seeds this year..
Last year I didn’t plant any chilies or tomatoes but this year I am going full on, probably because I couldn’t remember the hassle of re-planting everything etc etc.

My dream is to have a huge greenhouse for chilis and tomatoes to make sauces and pickles and other stuff to sell. Also after visiting the Garlic farm on the Isle of Wight last summer garlic is my new thing. Last summer we sold out of all jam, cordial etc every weekend I had the gallery open so I’m trying to grow more berry bushes by taking seedlings, time will tell if it works.
Finally I got to pick some eggs as well! I suspect the chicks have been laying their eggs somewhere in the garden or maybe the magpies fly into the hen house but today I found five beautiful eggs.

Harvest frenzy!

IMAG5566 We started the day with going to a friends place around the corner who just got chickens. Well they actually got a hen and some eggs for their sons preschool so all the children had the fantastic opportunity to watch the whole “from egg to chicken” and then all the young chickens were brought home to their garden. They reckon 3 cockerels but I guess 4, I’m not claiming to be an expert so time will tell. I wish all children would have the chance to experience this in their life but I think sadly enough that there are too many rules and “allergies” for it to happen.
IMAG5571 IMAG5575 IMAG5590Today the whole family helped(not counting the teen then busy being a rockstar) harvesting the berries in our garden. In one hour we picked red and black currants and cherries, 7 kilos all together! A record of cherries this year though, after picking a bucket full it looked like I hadn’t touched it and there are still more on the tree to ripen. The other day I ordered more pretty jam jars and they will arrive any day now so I’ve frozen most of the harvest apart from the cherries that I’m now turning into cordial and a first to me, cherry jelly. Tomorrow or when I have more time I will make blackcurrant jelly and then cordial of whatever is left. I feel like I haven’t written about the chickens for quite some time now but they they started eating my geraniums and that’s when I had enough, they seriously crossed the line. I started to have them closed in most of the day, well it’s a very big hen yard but I still felt bad about it. Now I pay the price. There are some strawberries but we still haven’t tasted them, the slugs are too fast. That’s the downside of my recent decision to close the chicks in more often. There are more slugs and snails than last year, so it’s a win-win(for the slugs!) or maybe lose-lose situation? I guess I’d rather have happy chickens eating my garden than slimy slugs so ok I give in…