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So the summer ended in an art bonanza. First The Artwave, when all artists on Hönö and surrounding islands open up their studios or homes. I shared my gallery for the weekend with a very talented glass artist but we hardly had time to see each other, on the Saturday we had a few hundred visitors! The weather on Friday when we set up was abysmal with torrential rain storms but the rest of the weekend was lovely. We sold lots of cakes and home made preserves and photographs on top of that. Then a couple of weeks later an exhibition with two photographers from another part of Sweden. They both do analog photography and a lot of the same techniques that I use. Great photographs and a lovely weekend! My husband smoked salmon and baked sourdough bread, I think I’m addicted to smoked salmon now, and we sold out most of the cakes on the second day. We were very generous with the opening times and I thought we would have to take turns or read books but the weekend past very quickly. On the last day it was more quiet and I took the opportunity to photograph my fellow photographers. Always nerve wrecking to photograph photographers but I hope I passed the test.

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Christer and Sibylla Törnkvist


Finally!! April the 23:d 2013 I started the adventure Starting on the barn turning the dump of a barn into a gallery. Leading up to the premiere I’ve been so stressed fixing the last things, painting signs, advertising etc etc that I’ve hardly eaten or slept for weeks. It was worth it though. I opened Friday and there were more people than expected and Saturday people absolutely flooded the place from opening and carried on until after closing. The photographer that I had chosen for the opening is called Karin Berglund. Karin has been working as a journalist for thirty years and she’s written and photographed a number of garden books. Every year she goes on numerous garden trips around the world for inspiration, to write stories and photograph. I was flattered and surprised that she said yes when I asked her. Karin’s pictures, gum bichromates and photo gravures, brought the walls to life and I think the other way around as well. I wished to sell at least one picture to make it feel even more worthwhile for her but ended up selling three! I had so much positive respons and praise during the two days that I’m overwhelmed. While talking to one guest and explaining how much work the whole transformation has taken I surprised myself by almost crying. Silly I know but it’s been such a journey with real blood sweat and tears. Now it’s done and I am very much looking forward to future happenings in there. A friend of mine who’s a photographer, her name is Eva Brandin, sent me some pictures she took so I’ll post them here because I think she really managed to catch the beauty of the new gallery. Now I’m going to bed very happy but very very tired.20151002_1932 webb 20151002_1933 webb 20151002_1935 webb 20151002_1937 webb 20151002_1939 webb 20151002_1942 sv webb 20151002_1945 webb 20151002_1949 webb 20151002_1951 webb 20151002_1954 webb 20151002_1955 webb 20151002_1957 webb

More inspiration!

Homemade Swedish cinnamon buns and coffee, there is nothing tastier!

Homemade Swedish cinnamon buns and coffee, there is nothing tastier!

Charlottas fantastic colour Gum Bichromate prints

Charlottas fantastic colour Gum Bichromate prints

or maybe this one?

or maybe this one?

Hard to pick a favourite...

Hard to pick a favourite…

Today I took the moped to the mainland and bought paint. Usually I try to buy everything I need on the island. I think it is important to support local business but when it comes to paint it would have cost me more than three times as much on the islands and I am on a tight budget. Since I passed the flowershop I bought some rose soil for the chilli plants and accidentally picked up some spuds, anemone bulbs, spring flowers for outside, hen net and bone flour… Took a little detour in Torslanda to see a friend. What I like about the moped is that I can easily explore new places, go down little roads where I haven’t been before. She lives in the oldest house in her neighbourhood. It had so much charm and felt so homely. We have a lot in common with our interest in photography but as it turns out she loves woodwork to.  She built the wooden seat where we sat having “fika”. Also a lot of built-in shelving instead of wardrobes. It gave me even more ideas about what to build next!

Treasures on a plate

a bit spooky...

a bit spooky…

Here is one of the wetplates from the other day. Some of the treasures I’ve found under the floor.The exposure is pretty bad but I made a number of glass negatives which came out great. My plan is to make Gum bichromate prints with them and have so far made one coating and it looks great!

Blog-post 100 by the way. I started out mainly to document the restoration of the barn for my own use but then it grew and spread out and now there’s a bit of everything. It is also very nice to get comments and input from other people. Amazing what an encouraging comment can do when your stuck or having a bad day! Thank you.