Christmas market in Galleri Gårda

So last weekend I had a Christmas market in my gallery/barn. Day before any event I always think nobodie’s gonna come but Saturday visitors flooded in from opening time! Like last year I invited local people to sell their craft. Sheep fur from happy free grazing sheep, honey from bees buzzing around at Rörö one of the neighbour islands. They also sell locally produced meat. In autumn A lady I know had a cement workshop and I invited her for the market, she sold lovely lamps shaped like stars moulded with cement and old time looking lightbulbs plus loads of other great looking ornaments. Then we had Xmas decorations made of cans, christmas trees, chillies, pine cones, lace etc. As always we offered homemade cakes, coffee and warm glögg(Swedish mulled wine). The gluten free chocolate cake we made this summer sticks with us, it it sooo good and now we added crushed polka canes to it, perfection! The hot Indian daahl lentil soup and rosted tomato soup also sold out. All in all a fantastic weekend and 10 minutes before closing it started snowing like crazy! Perfect finish to a great weekend(although it took me a couple of days to thaw…)!

Garden gold

Soon I’ve picked every berry in the garden! So far we’ve made black currant cordial, red currant jelly with mint, red berry syrup and red gooseberry marmalade. The husband has made “No mango sauce”, a hot sweet fruity chili sauce with lots of canned fruit but no mango(hence the name), and the traditional thai garlic chili jam Nam Prik Phao. It’s like Santas workshop in the kitchen. I’ve also been baking loads of cakes. Every weekend during summer we keep the gallery open and soon it’s time for the yearly “Art wave”. The busiest weekend for us of the whole year. We’re planning on selling plenty of cakes, garden goodness and hopefully some of my photographs as well. I’ve invited another artist to sell her glass artwork in the gallery. She thought it would be fun to combine our products so we did a little photo shoot of her glass vases and some of the little chicks. What is it they say? Never work with kids or animals…well we had a lot of fun but it sure wasn’t easy! I made some quick prints in the darkroom before the weekend, now they say it’s gonna rain for a week so I’ll have lots of time to make more without feeling guilty about missing out on the sunshine. The youngest chicks got rained on for the first time today, they weren’t happy at all! They all let me catch them without trouble to go under the heating lamp in the basement. Growing fast I’m pretty sure they can stay out in the henhouse with the rest soon but I’ll pamper them just a little bit longer…

Went for a run and came home with…

One of those days! Started the morning going down the harbour to help out the Hönö Klåva second hand shop. A few times a year they have a lorry coming to pick up stuff to bring to Romania. They have been to Romania a number of occasions and everything is sent to a few families and then divided to other people in need. Today was the worst weather so far, it was grey, heavy fog and rain. Lucky me is only entrusted to count everything brought on to the lorry so I got to stand in a container watching all the guys carrying sacks, bags, boxes and beds.
Tomorrow is the first day open for my gallery this year and I have so much to do, left most things until the last day as usual. The weather miraculously turned around to sun and a warm wind. I cleaned out the barn/gallery for a few hours but then I had promised my daughter to go running so we did. -Hey lets jog around the corner to check out my hen-friends new hens. So we did and so one hour later we came home with the promise of three little chicks!
I did try to reason with myself but as always it just happened so fast… We picked up the little chicks and put them in a box in the hallway for a while until it got dark. One of our hens, Nettie, has been wanting babies for quite some time now so we let them into the catbox, where she’s been laying everyday for weeks, and covered it with a net. She seemed confused but happy and the little chicks snuggled up to her straight away. I really hope they are still alive in the morning! So tomorrow is the premiere for Camera exchange day in the gallery and at the same time I will have to build a cage or something to give the chicks more room and stop crazy hen Lottie getting to them. It seems my favourite motto should be “When you have loads to do best go out and find some more!”.


Amazing voices and the Monday blues

IMAG6092 IMAG6100 IMAG6101 IMAG6114 IMAG6116 IMAG6121After a fantastic weekend it’s kinda hard to wake up to a normal day. Yesterday was the first time I had a music event in the barn/gallery. After months of planning and promoting my nerves were wrecked and I could hardly breathe. At first I was worried that no one would show up and then lots of bookings rolled in and I started freaking out about too many turning up. Turned out I could have saved myself from all the stress, the day was absolutely fabulous! The band was called Irmelin, a folk music trio from Sweden. They have toured all summer and this was their finale. Just the right amount of people turned up. Sitting in the barn listening to Irmelin singing old Swedish folk songs a’capella was a completely magical experience. Afterwards everyone had a second go at the “fika” table and mingled outside in the sun with chickens, dogs and children running around. It was the first music event in the gallery but definitely not the last!

Food and photography

Photographer Markus Jenemark

Photographer Markus Jenemark

Photographer Markus Jenemark

Photographer Markus Jenemark

I bought the one on the left By Photographer Markus Jenemark

I bought the one on the left
By Photographer Markus Jenemark

IMAG5812 IMAG5771 IMAG5803 IMAG5747Out of the fog, yeay! The flu knocked me out for a few weeks but now I’m back on track. Last weekend I had another photographer exhibiting in the gallery. I’d seen his fantastic photographs online and luckily he said yes when I asked him to come here. As usual my husband smoked salmon and baked sourdough bread and every ones favourite the lemon poppy seed cake. We sold many jars of blackcurrant jelly and a new chilli sauce, I call it “No mango sauce” because I thought there was mango in it. It’s yellow and made of canned peaches, apricots and loads of chillies. Goes perfect with chicken, fish and last night I had it on pizza. We had a surprise live music show when my neighbour turned up with his guitar which was much appreciated. He sang with such feeling and stomped the floor I was a little bit worried that he would fall through it. I was a great weekend and I couldn’t help buying one of the pictures for myself. There’s quite a collection growing on my living room wall…


Finally!! April the 23:d 2013 I started the adventure Starting on the barn turning the dump of a barn into a gallery. Leading up to the premiere I’ve been so stressed fixing the last things, painting signs, advertising etc etc that I’ve hardly eaten or slept for weeks. It was worth it though. I opened Friday and there were more people than expected and Saturday people absolutely flooded the place from opening and carried on until after closing. The photographer that I had chosen for the opening is called Karin Berglund. Karin has been working as a journalist for thirty years and she’s written and photographed a number of garden books. Every year she goes on numerous garden trips around the world for inspiration, to write stories and photograph. I was flattered and surprised that she said yes when I asked her. Karin’s pictures, gum bichromates and photo gravures, brought the walls to life and I think the other way around as well. I wished to sell at least one picture to make it feel even more worthwhile for her but ended up selling three! I had so much positive respons and praise during the two days that I’m overwhelmed. While talking to one guest and explaining how much work the whole transformation has taken I surprised myself by almost crying. Silly I know but it’s been such a journey with real blood sweat and tears. Now it’s done and I am very much looking forward to future happenings in there. A friend of mine who’s a photographer, her name is Eva Brandin, sent me some pictures she took so I’ll post them here because I think she really managed to catch the beauty of the new gallery. Now I’m going to bed very happy but very very tired.20151002_1932 webb 20151002_1933 webb 20151002_1935 webb 20151002_1937 webb 20151002_1939 webb 20151002_1942 sv webb 20151002_1945 webb 20151002_1949 webb 20151002_1951 webb 20151002_1954 webb 20151002_1955 webb 20151002_1957 webb


IMAG2620 IMAG2604 IMAG2602 IMAG2593 IMAG2591 IMAG2582 IMAG2566 IMAG2565 IMAG2559 IMAG2554 IMAG2553This weekend we had the big Artwave at Hönö and the surrounding islands. Close to a hundred artists open up their studios or homes to the public. After more than two years of extreme labour I finally I got to use the whole barn for my pictures! Such a fantastic weekend. My husband smoked salmon, baked tonnes of sourdough loaves, banana toffee cakes and lemon poppyseed cakes and our daughter sold almost all of it the first day. I would estimate about 200 people came over the weekend. It’s been so stressful getting everything together and finishing the barn but definitely worth it. In the end of the day I was overwhelmed with all the positiv respons, everyone loved the gallery! A lot of islanders also thought it was great to have more culture and happenings and they all said they are looking forward to future events in the barn. Now I will sleep for a week and then get carry on planning the real premiere opening…