Beer, beer and more beer

So one of my favourite days on the island came up! The annual Home brewers beer tasting event. Last year the tickets sold out in 4 minutes! I happened upon the venue three years ago and we had such a great time, since then it’s grown rapidly and changed location but still such a great time! Last year my goal was to try all beers, 34 or something, I did and then some but this year there were 55 beers… So I went for the nice sounding lagers to begin with. Kudos on the brewers who come up with some fantastic puns naming their beers. My immediate favourite was the “Bagebrööl”(Hönö bread is called “Bagebrö”), plus points for the Hönö bread to taste and the beer was actually brewed with Hönö bread crumbled into the brewing mixture. Coming back to it later I actually preferred another beer from the same brewer “Guardians of the Galaxy”.
I like to taste weird beers, a lot of the time you are disappointed or worst case disgusted but this year I was thoroughly impressed by the quality. That actually goes for all beers I tasted but I especially liked the blackcurrant beer and the mango/youzo beer.
We tried to plan for the occasion and lay the ground work for the next day and decided to go out to a pub on the Island for a music quiz. Joined by two English music experts my confidence was high. The place was absolutely steaming with people when we got there but we managed to grab some chairs at the bar. We did pretty well with the questions, apart from the Swedish ones BUT realised after the marking that I had forgotten to write some of the answers on the questionnaire that I had actually written on the scribble paper… Anyways we had a great time and then looking out the window- Who could wish for a better view from the pub??


What’s brewing?

So it was that time again, beer tasting down the harbour. We happened upon it by chance(on Facebook) last year and had such a great day! Here’s last years post. This year they sold out 100 tickets in a few days so the place was packed when we got there. 22 home-brewed beers to taste in 3 hours. It was a happy bunch of people and after 2 hours a very happy bunch! After spending a few years working in pubs in England I do love stout, my favourite was the Nitro Milk Stout but there were so was so much more. Yippie Aye Ale, The Brunette, Portmanroad Ale, Tractor DIPA and a whole lot with Swedish funny names. My favourite IPA was called Fem myror är fler än fyra elefantöl (Five ants are more then four elephant beers). They did give advice on what order to taste them, light to dark, weak to strong or bitterness but I didn’t read this until afterwards so I did like last year and tried them in order 1-22. You get a wineglass and they fill it to about a third and rinse it out in-between. After tasting the judges make their vote for the three best beers/brewers who gets a prize, then one beer is picked out of the judges six suggestions and the winner gets to have a batch of his beer brewed at Hönö Brewery. The people also gets to have a vote. I like it that some brewers take a chance and do something different like the fruit beers, especially when it’s berries from the Island. It’s a fantastic venue. Held in the harbour but opposite to all the shops and cafés, big fishing boats lined up outside and people arriving by foot, bike or boat. We had some English, Swedish and American friends with us. One guy actually flew here from London just for the occasion. After a while a couple of the guys asked about the bathroom, I replied there is none (luckily I have a great party bladder), maybe the best option is using the bushes or walk around to the pizzeria or cafés. We go to rinse out our glasses for the next beer  and look out the window. The view is great, fishing boats, the sea and Vinga lighthouse…but lets just say that I wouldn’t go swimming there the day after. My international friends weren’t as brave they walked around the corner. They could probably find a bigger place, with a toilet, and easily fill it with triple the amount of people but I actually hope it carries on like this. It’s so laid back and friendly. I enjoyed it so much that I’m actually thinking about trying out the brewing myself. I’m definitely becoming a member because I think it’s a great thing to support and I don’t want to miss out booking tickets for next year!