My last post was bitter snowy winter…guess I’ve been busy. Now we’ve had a wonderful spring for quite a while. Lot’s of blossom and sunshine!
I am terribly late with planting this year but plan to catch up soon. Spent a day re-building my veg-patch frames. I’ve added a huge one and I’m planning to add more. The less lawn to cut the better…plus more veg for the vegan daughter. As always the chicks are such great company. We take our lunch breaks on the stairs and they first start with cleaning their feathers then stretch out basking in the sunlight. I’m having conversations with Maggie, our oldest hen, noticed recently that everytime I say something to her she replies with a purring noise so I’m keeping it up. Also trying to make Oggy the cat to say hello(“Cats who say hello” on Youtube..) but we’ve been at it for at least five years or so and he’s not making much progress..

This year I’m mainly planting spinach, spuds, flowers, zucchini and herbs but added a few things recently. Someone tipped me off about the Sponge-cucumber so I had to order a bag and strangely 15 more seed bags made their way into the order basket.

I have also maximised the time outside doing photography in the sun. I have so many old photography papers that would not be of good use in the darkroom so I’ve used them for Lumen photograms instead and today I made wet cyanotypes with spring flowers. If you would like to know more about the techniques please check out alternative photography.com.


7 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Coleus seems to be more popular in climates that are cool enough for crocus to look that good. Is coleus only a houseplant, or is it a warm season annual too? Crocus do not get enough chill here (after their first year, when they are prechilled), but there is just enough frost to kill coleus outside.

    • I actually didn’t know the name Coleus so I had to Google to figure out which one you meant 🙂 Apparently we can have it outside but only during summer, it is very sensitive to frost. We have lots of Crocus and now also daffodils and tulips as well.

      • The flowering spring bulbs are more of what I expect to see in gardens in other regions. Coleus sill seems odd to me, even though I have heard about it being grown as a warm season annual elsewhere. Someday, I would like to grow more of it as a houseplant like I used to do. I suppose I could grow it outside too, I just never bothered to try it like that.

    • Alla kan paddla! Fast om man vill med på torsdagsturerna från Klåva måste man ha gått nybörjarkursen först, kolla på Friluftsfrämjandets hemsida kurserna blir fullbokade väldigt snabbt..

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