Planning veg and feeding a vegan

chicken and soil, plantingSo yesterday I decided it was spring. I can’t believe this year, the sun has come out waking the spring flowers and then next day temperature goes down to -10°C, again and again. So I started indoors and planted more veg, re-planted most of my geraniums and other indoor plants. I ordered 15 bags of soil from the local flower shop. Can’t believe I haven’t done that before, not owning a car I’ve been time and time again on my moped. My plan is to add 2 more planting frames for vegetables in the impossible patch. I have now given up any hope for getting rid of the weed and instead covered the whole patch with black cloth. I reckon I will need at least double the amount of the soil I ordered now that I’ve started using the bags… With a vegan teenager in the house I now feel much more prepped for growing veg, so my plan is to be self sufficient over summer at least. The chickens are helping with loads of chicken poop but they have started digging up all my spring flower bulbs which have left me covering all the flower beds with netting. I love them to bits but they are such a pain sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Planning veg and feeding a vegan

  1. Hens are not much of problem in our garden. They seem to stay away. The problem is the wild turkeys! They are not native, but have been proliferating for years. They are not very good, although my neighbor knows how to select the better ones. (I thought that they were pretty good, but everyone else says that they are not as good as they should be.) The pull up what they can grab, and they do not want to leave. I don’t want to kill any without freezer space, especially if they are no good, but I really wish that someone would take out a few!

  2. Ha! Wild turkeys eh? We don’t get them in Sweden! I bet if you cook them long enough they will be very tasty.

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