Eternal xmas

So Christmas just goes on and on. Xmas eve me and my daughter ventured into town (Gothenburg) to see my grandmother. Town was just full of stressed last-minute was shoppers, bad weather and street musicians playing jingle bells out of tune. We had a small version of the traditional Swedish xmas meal. Small sausages, meatballs, smoked salmon and of course Hönö bread. It was nice seeing my mum but even nicer to get back to the island. I must admit I’m slowly being converted to English Christmas.  English xmas meal so beats Swedish xmas food! Christmas day we woke up late, kids had their stockings filled with chocolates and presents under the tree. My husband spends all day cooking until afternoon when we have the big Meal. Roast chicken or turkey, roast potatoes and veg, charred sprouts(cooked in bacon fat) and boiled sprouts, bread sauce, Yorkshire puddings and last but not least the most important ingredient gravy. We pull or crackers, read the stupid jokes out and wear the paper crowns. Then everyone hibernates for an hours or two and game time begins! Last couple of years we’ve stuck to “the Train game”, which is awesome but quite nervy, now we tried “King of New york”. We played it a couple of times while everyone commented on me looking extremely bored. There was one fantastic moment when I looked out the window thinking that I wasn’t listening to the rules(as always) but thinking about photography instead, snap! My husband says check out my wife looking extremely bored and obviously not listening to the rules… But as the days have moved on with movies, food and a few more attempts of the game I’m getting really in to it. All with the soundtrack from my son’s xmas present vinyl.  He’s in to metal. Today was the first day that I decided to do something and ended up doing laundry , planting my first chili seeds, cleared the garden from rubbish(half a big black bin bag full of beer tins that people have generously chucked in our hedge). Then more time for sofa, books and more games. Oh did I mention homemade sausages, homemade bacon and freshly baked bred? I want xmas to go on forever.

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