Christmas come early

img_0458 img_0447 img_0436After last weekends nightmare with all but one hen eaten by the fox it’s taken some time to get over the nightmares. We did go out the same day to a neighbour and got two new hens. Felt too sorry for Maggie who was the only one left and an attempt to sooth my broken soul and my daughters. She had woken up in the middle of the night hearing noises but was too scared to come downstairs in the dark and felt so guilty. As did I who left the hatch open by misstake. Now our two new hens have settled in and they are both big personalities!  My daughter named them Nettie and Lottie. Maggie immediately started kicking and biting them but now she’s calmed down and they actually hang out in the garden together, at a distance. I’ve been out there all most of my days keeping an eye on them. It does help that the local garden center has a fantastic discount. 10 Swedish kronor/perennial. I’ve made three trips now with my moped! Plus all the spring bulbs that needed planting. While planting the bulbs I found more quince-I! When we moved out I bought a rose quince bush and thought it was just decorative but now we have fruit. Tiny yellow hard fruits. I also tidied up the barn/gallery and put the xmas lights up. Planning a xmas market and feeling it already. The barn looked so nice with all the lights on, it’s going to be great!

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