Off to sea!

img_0345Yeay! We have a boat! Well it’s actually sat in our garden because as usual I done it the wrong way around and bought a boat before finding a boat space. Because everyone on the island owns a boat it’s really hard to get a boat space, all the jetties are full and the largest harbour has a few year long waiting list. I’m pretty sure it will work out though and if not we can still sit in it in the garden and drink coffee and dream of the sea. Bringing it home turned out to be a bit harder than I thought… We only had to drive it around the block. I haven’t driven a car for 5 years and didn’t feel comfortable driving a borrowed car with a trailer so I asked my cousin for help. We started rolling slowly, the trailer was so rusty and after a few meters my cousin commented on the wheels moving like eights. Halfway home we see the boat suddenly leaning over, a huge scraping sound and one of the wheels rolling by the side of the car, gaaah panic! Luckily it wasn’t on the main road and luckily I have the nicest uncle in the world who came to our rescue. We managed to put the wheel back on and drove in slow motion, holding our breath, the rest of the way. Far too much excitement for one day! Now it rests in the garden and we have loads of plans pimping it up nicely. All the interior textiles need changing, curtains and pillows. What to choose, a fifties theme or maybe chicken theme? And we need a name!

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