Autumn’s knocking

img_0195 img_0209-1 img_0201-1Finally I’ve done some gardening, better late than never! A whole day I was cooped up indoors, to Oggys delight, when the rain whipped the windows clean. The weather has been completely crazy lately. Storm mixed with rain and sunshine. So I’ve had to do short intervalls of gardening between the rain showers. 50% discount at the garden center and my flower beds are filling up rapidly. The hens are curious as always and follow me around wherever I go. My plan is to have enough perennials to stop the chickens from getting in-between the plants and digging them up. I’m saving spots here and there where they like to roll around and swim in the sand/soil.
The other day my daughter came home dark as a cloud from school and I’d had a shitty day as well, she asked if I wanted to go for a swim and it felt just right. Oh my gosh! It was so windy we almost cycled backwards down the beach. The water was so high that, by the steps where the water usually goes to my knees it came almost up to my head. We held on to each other getting out to the steps through water that splashed, it started raining and huge waves. Then as we tried to get changed as the wind tried to steel our towels and the water from the waves blew over us the sun came out! We both laughed and amazed at the beauty and wildness. Cycling back our bad moods were long forgotten!

img_0217 img_0233img_0254 img_0250

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