Don’t look down!

IMAG5103 IMAG5109Conquering my fears… Holy cow I’d forgotten how scared I am of heights. The scaffolding around the house is not ideal for painting situated a meter from the wall and nothing really to hold on to at the top. I tried to convince myself that I was acting silly and decide that I would stop being scared, that didn’t work. Started at the top, heart pounding, feeling dizzy, moving slow as a slug and after about one third done I started to seriously think about paying someone to do the rest. I kept going and my daughter came to help one floor below, it helped a bit keeping conversation up but I was silently compiling lists of the most scariest things I’ve done in life. Here it is: Number 1- giving birth, number 2- painting the house and number 3- killing the cockerels. We did finish it (without falling down) and I feel very proud. Not looking forward to a second coating though and then there are 3 more sides of the house times two…

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