Plant exchange day

IMAG4850 IMAG4859 IMAG4864 IMAG4887_BURST002The plant and seed exchange day was a success third year in a row. People started showing before opening and I was running like a bouncy ball between the kitchen and the barn answering questions at the same time. Luckily my daughter is now completely capable of running the “fika”(coffee and cakes) sale by herself and the husband was on kitchen duty making sandwiches. We sold plenty of home smoked salmon sourdough bagels along with cakes, meringues and rhubarb pie. Visitors brought lots of plants, some just left them after swapping to what they wanted and some stayed for a while swapping and selling. There is always a small confusion about rules and how the whole thing works. I’ve thought a lot about adding rules but think I’ll just keep doing it like I’ve done it so far. Exhausted after the day I fell asleep at 9pm and spent the day after planting everything that was left behind in my garden. Very happy to see that it covered most of the bare ground, just to see the chickens dig half of it up after a few hours…this means war!

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