Garden in April

Esme in the tree

Esme in the tree

Time to make up for neglecting the garden and the chicks! I bought 250 kilos of soil from the shop with my bike trolly and emptied the compost. This year I will try to be a smarter gardener(so I say…). The downside of planting allover the place is that it will need a lot of watering. The pump partly broke just after we moved in, it used to turn itself off at a certain level and then come back on again automatically but now it just switches off and I have to go in the basement to start it up again every 5 minutes. So now I will ditch the veg patch/potato field and plant a mix of flowers that are good for the soil, let them grow, flower and then cut down before they spread their seed(I already know that I will forget about that last step but it can’t get much worse than the weed that already takes it over every year). Of course I do want spuds but I’ll plant them closer to the house in bags or buckets. I’ve also decided that whenever I go to the garden shop I’ll buy three of a kind instead of the usual one of each. My final goal is to have so many perennial flowers and berry bushes in my garden so that the hens don’t have room to dig away the flowers. Right now the chicks aren’t my favourite animals. Every evening Esme makes me climb the top of the cherry tree to get her down, if I don’t she’ll make a racket in the morning and wake us up at 5am. A couple of days ago I lifted Sookie up, who has been stuck in the nest wanting babies for a month, and there were loads of hopping bugs! Hen fleas! Yuck! I sprayed the nest with soap and vinegar and this morning after being woken up at 6am by the hens making a huge racket I took the nests off the wall. I tucked my jeans into my socks, apparently they go for humans to and if your not careful they follow you into your house. It does explain the bites that my daughter has been getting because of the cat sleeping in her bed… I brought everything in the henhouse out and then sprayed and scrubbed and chalked everything. Now the henhouse looks like new again and I also put in a new nest while I’ll be re-painting the old ones. Funny thing is, while cleaning I didn’t see one flea! The rest of the day was spent in the garden, digging, sowing, clearing and hanging with the chicks. If it wasn’t for the crazy weather, snow, hail, sun, wind and rain it could almost have been a summers day…

New nest

New nest


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