The best welcome

The best welcome

I am so happy we have our hens and haven’t regretted it for a minute. They are such an asset to our household. I must admit I was a bit freaked out by birds before we got the chickens but now I love them so. They all have different personalities. My children are so lucky to get to experience the whole thing from egg hatching to little chicks and to watch them grow. Even if the cockerel killing is very tough I also think it adds to the experience of life and death and how to handle loss. Although I seem to mourn the cockerels more than my children. Maybe not so strange because I do most of the feeding, egg-picking and cleaning. The other morning I was met by a completely soaked, shivering and miserable looking Bugget on the lawn. She kept sneaking off to sleep outside for about a week. She is moulting a bit and I suspect the other hens have been mean to her. I felt so sorry for her so I swept her up in a towel and brought her inside. Sat down with Bugget snuggly on my lap and stroked her with the towel until she dried. At first she seemed to fall asleep but after a while she lifted her head and there we were, me and Bugget watching telly on the sofa for an hour. The other day when I came home for a lunch break after a busy day at work they all waited on the stairs by the front door to great me welcome home. That put a smile on my face! Yesterday the kids finished school and had the celebration in the church right across the road. After the service some kids from my daughters class outside shouted Oh! There are Maya’s chickens! I called to them to come over and while they ran across the street I heard them say Wow, Maya’s garden is like Narnia… Aah so sweet!
The one and only drawback is the fight over my flowerbeds. They are so good at digging, eating slugs and nettles but so rubbish at seeing what’s a flower or perennial or weed. Need to come up with some good solution for spring, now I’ve put out fishing nets and christmas tree branches but that’s not gonna stop them for long. My own fault though, seeing how happy they are I’m not locking them in it’s even worth all the flowers in my garden.

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