Storm walking!

The last few days it’s been very stormy on the island. First we had Gorm then Helga came along. They have a name for every storm and it’s in alphabetical order, is it done differently in other countries? Luckily everything that was once loose on the house has blown off but walking to work I kept loosing my breath because the wind was so strong. It was like taking 2 steps forward and one step back. Then after a day off, starting to feel a bit restless I asked my daughter to come for a walk. She did point out that it’s not the first time I’ve asked her to go for a walk when the government warn people to go outside… And the mother of the year award goes to…! Well if we lived in the woods or even in town I wouldn’t have but out here most stuff threatening to blow in your face is salty water. So we took an evening walk down the harbour see the extremely high water levels and then, on daughters suggestion, went up the water tower. Well actually we climbed the mountain but being up there and having to grab on to the railing not to fly off we didn’t dare to go up the tower. Still an awesome view though! IMAG3792 IMAG3801

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