Old days

The pier where the steamboat went in to Gothenburg

The pier where the steamboat went in to Gothenburg

First taxi on Hönö

First taxi on Hönö

Hönö Klåva harbour, when there were many more fishing boats that today and ice

Hönö Klåva harbour, when there were many more fishing boats that today and ice

Such an interesting day. I am still trying to calm down after the last few weeks excitement. Not an easy quest but yesterday I spent a day in the garden and that seems to have done the trick. Today I woke up with lots of new plans and set to work straight away, I took wet plates in the barn and then invited myself for a coffee at the vicars place. Well he is actually not a vicar but has legal rights to wed poeple. We hired him for our wedding because I’d seen him in a paper looking really cool in a leather waistcoat and golden earrings. He came for the opening of the gallery last weekend and spoke of pictures he had from glass negatives. I invited myself. So I brought some cake and he put the coffee on. He lives just down the harbour with a view overlooking everything down there. There were so many pictures from the islands not just Hönö but surroundings as well and he collects old postcards with and island theme. We sat by the window so I could compare the view of today to a hundred years ago. On my way back home I almost felt dizzy on my moped, going along all these little roads recognising a house here and there with the old images still in my head. He’s also written a book about the submarine that sank just outside the island. 1943 it sank, as he says, because of a mine that wasn’t there. The government had reassured everyone that there were no mines but the submarine called Ulven apparently hit one at 13meters deep. 33 people died. There are lots of stories about divers knocking on the walls and getting replies but according to my source there were no replies only air bubbles. 13 days later the managed to bring the submarine to surface. I was shown some pictures of the corpses. Apparently there were 8 men missing, probably managed to leave ship and disappear? So many stories. Then someone rings the doorbell, turns out we are related. So many relatives, I am not surprised anymore but still a bit awed about how big our family tree is! I’ve told the children countless times that when it comes to finding a partner they will have to go abroad or at least in to Gothenburg.

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