Brief encounter

IMAG3213 IMAG3216Woke up feeling very hot and my head full of worries about the opening of the gallery(I know I keep going on about it but right now it’s the only thing I can think about in my life). Decided to run down to the beach and have a swim, this time I thought of bringing dry underwear and I had a bikini on. It was really windy and as I was about to get in the water I thought -No I’ll bring my mobile and take a picture. I did and then left it by the ladder. Got in and just as I am about to go under there is something dark in the corner of my eye. With the huge waves and the wind there was some plastic and seaweed in the water and I had time to think that it’s probably a lobster pot or net that floated in on the waves. Turn my head and there is a seal 2-3 meter away staring at me!! At first I go -Well hello seal! and then think, aren’t seals known to have bitten people? Then, camera! I grab my mobile and he/she dives and turns up like 50meters further away, still facing me. Staring and probably trying to work out what to do. I get one picture and it dives and disappears. What a fantastic encounter!

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