I found gold!

chanterelles, gold of the forest

chanterelles, gold of the forest

tasty free lunch

tasty free lunch

When I went running this morning I made a little detour through the woods. Apparently this year has been a “mushroom” year and people brag about all the tonnes of chanterelles they’ve picked on the mainland. Fat chance to find them out here, I thought, but I then remembered finding just a tiny amount a few years ago. So I went back to where I thought I remembered to have found them. When we were little and went mushroom picking my mum used to talk about putting “your mushroom eyes” on. In fall it’s not easy to see yellow chanterelles under yellow autumn leaves but as soon as you find one you will have your “mushroom eyes” and find more. I had brought a plastic bag with me in case the blackberries had matured but I ended up filling it with chanterelles instead! How cool isn’t it to go out for a run and come back with lunch?? Of course I can’t disclose where this place is, in case any islanders happen to read my blog, but I’ve made a clear note of it in my head. Back home I brushed them off, fried in butter with salt and pepper and had on homemade focaccia with mayo. Yummy!

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