Chillin’ in the woods

Swedish s'mores

Swedish s’mores





In the woods

In the woods

We went to one of Hönö’s two nature reserves to have a barbecue. There is a place where you can bbq next to the playground in the woods. Usually there is a grate on top of it but now it was missing so we had to put our hotdogs on sticks which is actually easier said than done. Two ended up on the ground, I tried a double stick technique with a burger but wasn’t very successful. The s’mores were good though! My son and his friend went bananas in the trees climbing and going on the rope swing while me and my daughter went looking for blackberries. We soon realised it was way too early, all the berries were red far from going black. Then suddenly I hear a mjaowing and a cat comes walking down the trail. It walks past but keeps looking back and my daughter starts following it. The cat speeds up and its belly is going flip-flap back and forth for every step, looks like it’s pregnant. She goes off the trail and my daughter follows until it jumps over a small ditch into a bush, lo and behold, there’s a blackberry bush with one black blackberry on it! She is so pleased with herself. Now I really want to find some myself but my daughter goes -Well mum you know it’s not gonna happen you have to find a cat first to show you where they are. Considering the odds, seems pretty unlikely it’s gonna happen twice in one day, so I give up and we cycle home.

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