No place like home

on the ferry going home

on the ferry going home

After close to two weeks on the Isle of Wight it was really nice to come home. The Isle of Wight is also a beautiful island much larger than Hönö. I has stunning nature from sandy beaches to jungle and large fields. It was great to see family again and the kids loved it. No internet, TV or computers, we had a very peaceful holiday. It was so nice to be forced to do nothing, sat in the garden with rabbits and foxes reading and just being there. First thing I did coming home was gardening from waking up in the morning until collapsing on the sofa in the evening.The roses have all come a long way, most of them have flowered and I’m starting to realise that I’m turning into a “Rose person”. I find myself planning to grow more roses and I spent a lot of time in England reading about them. The chillies are also doing well and I’ve finally got a willy! Two actually and they are very curly and green.

Wish I could remember their names

Wish I could remember their names

“Peter pepper” or "Chilly willy"

“Peter pepper” or “Chilly willy”

3 thoughts on “No place like home

  1. I never been there yet in Isle of Wight. I will put that on my travel vacation list. What is the name of that flower? Also, that is the first time I saw that kind of pepper. Love the view of that water. Is that a lake or sea? Thanks

    • I am sorry but when it comes to remembering names I am useless! I do remember the Peter pepper chilli though. The picture was taken on the ferry, on the sea, going home to Hönö. Remember to add also add Hönö to your list!

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