Fluffy butts

IMAG1901-2 IMAG1898Finally the rain cleared and I decided to finish off the hen yard that I set to improve the other day. Quite enjoy the fact that I have learnt so much about DIY, now when I look at what I built a year ago I see so many ways to improve. I replaced most of the wood in the hen yard and also oiled everything twice. A simple thing like adding support for the corners made such a difference for the whole structure! I also built a large net door which is the best improvement, now we don’t have to hunch sideways through “the door”. Kind of hard to work with all nine hens and 6 chicks running around my feet though. They are so curious and love when something new happens. The little chicks are growing rapidly and even though they aren’t supposed to be able to fly they love jumping from things and flapping their little wings. They get more confident and independent by the day. 4 weeks old today!

Captain Pugwash and Bigsy

Captain Pugwash and Bigsy

Fluffy butts!

Fluffy butts!

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