Waiting for summer

Spicy harvest!

Spicy harvest!

The last few weeks it’s been raining heavily on and off combined with strong wind and the occasional hailstorm it hasn’t been very summery. Our last Airbnb guests came for a football tournament on the island and they had to wring their clothes out and hang to dry. They were still happy with their stay but I felt sorry for them. Then in between the sun will come out and it reminds you that it’s supposed to be June. Well at least people have something to talk about. Everyone complains about the weather, the other day in the shop this old lady came in and swore and said “Skid vurna!!”. If I hadn’t had islanders as work colleagues I would never have understood what she meant but now I knew she was saying Shitty weather. You can also say “Weer”, which makes much more sense. I love learning Islandish! Because of all the fishermen the Hönö dialect is a broad mix of English, Welsh, German and all sorts. I still feel a bit conscious about using island words but the other day one actually slipped out without thinking and it made me laugh!
The chili plants on the window sill are giving lots of fruit and I had my first proper harvest. A handfull of Jalapeno, Purple ufo and one type I don’t know what it is. There is plenty to come. The hens aren’t bothered by the weather but the little chicks get cold quite easily. Good job they have two mums to keep them warm!IMAG1795 IMAG1799-2

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