Picture parade!

our first little Silkie chick!

our first little Silkie chick!

IMAG1445 IMAG1442 IMAG1437 IMAG1426 IMAG13836 little Silkie chicks born. They are gorgeous! Earlier today both hens left the remaining six eggs cold at (day 23) and moved to the other side of the box so now I dumped them. I’m very happy with the ones we’ve got though, a great mix of colours. I know that chicks survive the first two days without food beacuse of the nutrients in the egg but Mum Otilia seemed to want to show them how to find food in the sawdust. So I mashed a hardboiled egg which they happily ate. Both mums clucking and picking up tiny eggpieces and dropping them in front of the chickens. Although the mothers ate most of it, they must be starving! I have not seen them leaving the nest the last week, they have layed completely still waiting for the eggs to hatch. Today they had another egg mashed with chicken starter pellets and ”filmjölk” it’s like a sour milk, almost like yoghurt, that we drink/eat in Sweden, very good for their stomaches. Suddenly Bugget got all agitated and tried to get out of the box through the net so I let her out. She ran outside and had a dump in the garden, at least three times the usual size! Poor thing. I am actually a bit worried about her, she’s been breathing heavily with her beak open. Hopefully it’s the ”birth” wearing her down or a cold. Lots of garlic and filmjölk tomorrow. I decided to fold the net down so that the hens can get in and out but not the chickens. Both Otilia and Bugget has proven pretty good at protecting their chickens now so hopefully we don’t have to worry about the others. Now we have to come up with names!

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