Another thing off, oops I mean on, my list...

Another thing off, oops I mean on, my list…

It’s so easy and fun to start new projects so I often find myself rather overwhelmed when I think about finishing them off. This week I’ve written a long list with things to finish. Being a master procastenater it helps with a list but I still find myself putting off the boring jobs towards the end. So far I’ve made the gate, completed the fence and painted it. Very green indeed but hopefully the wind, sun and salt water will take care of that. Half the hens now have green necks, trying to crawl under the fence before the paint dried… Out of all the wood I cut I’ve made another outdoor sofa/bench which needs to be oiled and painted. So yesterday I decided to tackle the big job, empty out the rest of the barn, next to the new floor where the pigs used to live. I started carrying pieces of wood out to the wood shed, in the pouring rain, only to discover that there was water flooding through the ceiling of the shed. Just created a new task on my list, oops. Luckily I thought of the huge sheets of metal that have been laying outside the barn the last 5-7 years. Carried them over and wrestled them up on the roof. The shed, or Veboa as we call it, is not very tall but some parts of it completely rotten. I toyed with the idea of improving part with new wood but managed to restrain myself. My plan was to just lay them on the roof for now, especially since it was pissing down and I started to feel like a drenched cat. Then one of the tin-smiths came to see what was going on. His first comment was -Make sure you fasten them properly! See that whole in the roof of the neighbours barn? That’s from when the metal roof blew off last time, teared up a big hole and carried on into the wall of the neighbours house… So I brought the ladder out, screwdriver and crawled up on the roof, hoping it wouldn’t cave in. Got half of it done and will have to carry on today. Anything ticked off my list? Take a wild guess.

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