Workshopping in the sun


aligning negatives


Vandyke on textile


A well earned lunch


Cyanotypes drying

The paper promised 18°c and sunshine today and it was too good to be true. A very bright day but cold wind so now I find myself on the sofa warming up under a tonne of blankets after many hours outdoors. Successful and pleasant day though, I love giving workshops. You always learn new things yourself, today I learnt lots of Stockholm photography words which are apparently completely different from Gothenburg lingo. My Stockholm student had in his daze(having to leave for Gothenburg at 4am in the morning) left his negatives at a McDonalds in another town so we had to use whatever was nearby like feathers, plants and fabric. I had a short lunch break for newly baked sourdough bread, raspberry and pomme granat marmalade and cheddar cheese. My workshop participants where too busy to take a break. I know the feeling, when you are on a roll you don’t feel hunger. They made plenty of prints and were very happy and surprised how easy Cyanotype is. I’m going to make up a big batch next week and do some more myself!

2 thoughts on “Workshopping in the sun

  1. Hej Sarah!
    Hah, så du är också en WordPressare, hade inte en aning! Kul!
    Jag är en aaaaaning dålig på att följa upp här måste jag erkänna, att vara aktiv överallt tar för mycket tid, så det är ett ständigt dåligt samvete….. Men har man sina fingrar i varenda syltburk så blir det så, antar jag.
    Du har en härlig blogg, gillas mycket! 😃

    • Yep I’m a blogger to! Jag förstår precis, har alltid tusen projekt på gång. Bloggen är faktiskt ett fantastiskt hjälpmedel både som piska och morot 🙂

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