IMAG0951 IMAG0946 IMAG0944 IMAG0943 IMAG0941 IMAG0929 IMAG0925Finally after months of collecting Christmas trees, with all possible means, the fires where built up. They start early in the morning and count the trees as they are brought out of hiding and stacked on a mountain. For the last months there has been kids in every corner, on bikes, on foot, in trashy trimmed Volvo’s and mopeds looking for places to hide and reveal trees. When you don’t see them around, at school time, there are still traces everywhere. The door to the wood shed left open, tiny footsteps on my new floor in the barn and pine needles in the streets. This year some of our guests for the evening brought children so we went down the beach where they had a child-friendly fire. No booze or bangers only responsible adults and responsibly set off fireworks. I brought my bike trolley full of wood and sticks from the garden. Got down there just as the sun was setting and all the kids where stood around the fire grilling marshmallows and running around looking for more things to burn. It was great and they had a wonderful time but I had to hurry back not to miss the big fire that we always go to. We set off to the mountain with firecrackers in one pocket and snaps in the other one. Snaps is strong Swedish flavoured alcohol. I had Västkustsnaps flavoured with rosehip, blackberries and sloes. Took us a while to find the right path up to the fire, mind you it’s pitch black out and surrounded by thorns, bushes, water and rocks but then we found some natives to follow. Before we’ve had to wait as late as 11pm but this year they lit the fires at 10pm. The sky filled with illegally lit emergency flares. Our fire is the smaller one at Hönö and it was very “clean”, apart from the sofa they put on there. From the other big fires at Hönö and Öckerö there was thick black smoke from car tires and oil being burnt. Standing on the mountain looking at the huge moon and feeling the blazing heat from the fire, looking out at all the islands, lights and people gives me goosebumps. Then as soon as the fire has burnt everyone goes home and carries on the party. Today is probably the quietest day of the year, apart from the church bells ringing.

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