Easter or Eater?


Home smoked salmon


An overflow of eggs!

An overflow of eggs!

Eggs coloured with onion peel

Eggs coloured with onion peel

Graham’s sourdough bread

Graham’s sourdough bread

Gosh and the food yesterday… My husband smoked salmon on the barbeque. He used a new seasoning for it and added a pinch of nutmeg, allspice, bayleaves and cloves to the usual sea salt and sugar. He let it soak in water for an hour before smoking so it wasn’t as salty as it sometimes has been. Best one so far! We had it with Pancanella which is a salad made out of roasted veg and roasted bread croutons, eggs, cheese and broccoli pie. Sourdough bread, crackers, a lovely selection of cheese and finished off with Banoffee pie. Oh and on top of that a tonne of easter sweets and crisps. Today we went for a dip in the sea (surprised we didn’t sink!) and tonight we will have homemade Cumberland sausages on new baked bread. I love the fact that we can produce so much of what we eat instead of buying ready made stuff. Not only does it taste so much better but it’s cheaper and I’m sure healthier to.

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