Under attack

IMAG0886 IMAG0887When I finally seem to manage to keep the chickens out of the front yard… I’ve filled all the flowerbeds with new soil and planted some spring flowers. Started making a windshelter with old wood from the barn. The front of the house is rarely used because it’s always so windy there. My idea is to put up some wood or a net and plant lots of climbing flowers and peas. I’ve also planted a couple of small apple trees that I want growing along the fence and  blueberry and black currant bushes. So happy to have at least half of the garden looking nice again and then my husband bumped into a deer early this morning going to work. All my tulips eaten. The deer isn’t naive to the island. A few of them walked on the ice(or swam?) and now they live happily here. I still think it’s kind of cool to see them running around late in the evening or early morning but not cool when they eat my flowers. Another thing they brought along are ticks, definitely uncool. In a (probably useless) attempt to keep them out I’ve hung some strips of white plastic on our gates and made little sticks with blood flour on and stuck next to the poor little springflowers that I have left.

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