Re-charging batteries

Aaaah lovely sunshine again. I spent the morning warming up on the steps outside after my morning swim in the sea. Pidgey came running up and wanted to sit on my lap(well that could be an overstatement, she comes running up going baaaah-caacka and stares at me, I pick her up, she looks terrified but very quickly relaxes). She really enjoyed soaking up the sunshine and fell asleep. Woke up on and off and made some noises but absolutely no attempt to run away. Me as a very restless person find it very hard to sit still but as soon as the sun shines I feel drawn to the stairs and it’s like re-charging a battery. Half an hour will do it, I feel like a brand new person. There were some really strange sounds coming from the hens around the corner. I lent over carefully not to wake Pidgey and found all the other hens sand bathing and sun bathing in my flowerbed… My attempts to keep them out to at least get to see some of the spring flowers seems to be useless. Whatever the hens don’t dig up the deer take care of.  In the end my mum showed up and I had to wake Pidgey. Finished painting my bench/outdoors sofa, second coat. Hmm one of the hens got to close to the new painted sofa. Tidied out the basement for a visitor who didn’t show up, but anyways good that I had it done. While I was painting my mum started clearing the closest flowerbed and after she left I got hooked. I had bought three garden magazines but ended up doing this years first gardening instead of reading. The hens were a great help! They followed my digging eating every little and big worm and spider they could find, happily clucking away. Not long ago I read an article about another hen owner. In the article they asked her what surprised her most with getting chickens. Her answer was -I never thought I would love them so much! That would be my answer as well. In the beginning I thought they were a bit creepy but now I love them as much as my other pets. They all have their own personalities. Plus they give you eggs. Now we are over-flowing. I sell two packets a week to regular customers and hand a lot out to neighbours but still we have plenty left.

Pidgey in her sunny glory

Pidgey in her sunny glory

fantastic gardeners

fantastic gardeners

Oh! I heard white is the new black!

Oh! I heard white is the new black!

Wasabi asleep at my daughters lap

Made me think of Wasabi, our first cockerel who we hade to kill off, asleep at my daughters lap

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