Nearly there

IMAG0390Bottom bit was done but decided to strenghen it at places wider than 60cm. So I added some more thick beams. I’ve brushed the walls and scrubbed the old teams and carried the old wood out that I am re-using. There used to be sloping boards along the sides of the room. I’ve always wondered why they were there, why there wasn’t just straight floor and walls, no one I’ve asked has had a good explanation. Though now I’m thinking it’s probably been put there for exactly the same reason that I am using it today, to connect the floor to the rest of the barn, The barn is leaning one way and if I had tried to level the floor with the walls the room would have been substantially smaller. Added a net and a metal grate to the back under the floor to stop more soil and rubbish coming in when it rains. Now I’m all ready to add the floor boards!

view over Fotö from Hönö klåva

view over Fotö from Hönö klåva

stunning Swedish light

stunning Swedish light

It’s been gray, cold and dreary all day until I came out from the second hand shop down the harbour. The light was absolutely beautiful and I took it as a promising sign for tomorrow.


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