Bottom bit done!

So I said in my last post my willpower is stronger than my muscles but today my body went on strike. Woke up 7.30am and went out to the barn to get started. I carried one bucket of dirt and rocks outside and realised that -nope, this is not going to happen today. My shoulder blade is burning. So I decided to oil more parts of the future fence and the most crucial bit, level the floor. I was encouraged by my neighbour who told me one centimeters difference will not be noticed once the whole thing is done…

levelling the floor

levelling the floor

After lunch, a hot bath and a nap and lots of positive thinking, I kept going anyways and finished off fastening the beams. Now all I need to do is lay the floorboards and varnish it(or oil or something?) and put the original sloping boards back to cover up the gap between the wall and floor. There is also a lot of rubbish and more dirt to be removed but first I will take a few days to rest my muscles.

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