Growing fast

Planted autumn 2014

Planted autumn 2014

Peruvian white habanero

Peruvian white habanero

The extra light made wonders to my chilies! In two weeks the ones I planted in autumn last year have more than doubled in size but mainly thickened up. The stems are harder and more woody. I’ve trimmed most of them twice  but some not at all. Tomorrow I’m going to the second hand shop to see if they have any extra light fittings so I can fit another light tube next to the one I have. I replanted them in 1.5-3liter big pots with rose soil and perlite. Next step for them will be buckets that I got from the shop for free, the ones that they deliver tulips in. I plan to drill holes in the bottom and voila! 10liter pots. The chili seeds I planted two weeks ago have come up but not many of them, a couple of each type of chili maybe, although this might not be a bad thing because I am starting to question where they will all go…

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