Not again!

The sea moving into the streets

The sea moving into the streets

Holy cow! Sat indoors yesterday I thought nope this is just another moderate storm but then we took a short walk and nearly got blown off our feet by the gusts of wind. The rest of the evening the wind picked up. They closed the bridge in town and the ferry to the outer Northern islands only brought passengers and no cars. I remembered how it was when we first moved out to the island. I used to be terrified that the house would fall down! The walls creaking, the handles to the old heavy bookshelf vibrate and the windows bend in like they are going to shatter into a thousand pieces. It wasn’t until my neighbour pointed out that if the house has stood for more than a hundred years there can’t be much more to blow off it. This really calmed me down and changed my way of thinking but I still can’t help to tense up a bit when the walls rattle. Towards midnight I wasn’t as calm anymore, I braved it and ventured out to check the damage. The hen yard had blown down again! Even after me reinforcing it the other day. The roof of the barn was flapping loose but I thought it’s better to let it blow off and then putting it back than being decapitated while trying to fix it in the storm. Since I went to work very early this morning I still haven’t seen how bad it is in daylight… Down the harbour some of the streets were completely flooded and the water level was the highest I’ve seen it. I spoke to one of the fishermen who couldn’t get on his boat because it was too high up! Another guy said they had measured winds up to 40m/s last night. Now they say there is another storm on the way later in the week so I might just leave the henyard as it is until it’s all over. Or build a new one out of concrete and bricks.

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