DSC_0673It’s funny living on Hönö I’m finding out new things about the Island and the islanders all the time. Maybe it’s a coincidence but all the people I work with eat Lussekatter without Saffron. I questioned this meaning that eating a Lussekatt is like eating a cinnamon bun without the yummy stuff. They just shake their heads and give me the ”are you for real?” look. For me it’s one of the best things about Christmas, well it’s actually supposed to be eaten at Lucia. I remember hearing about how Saffran was so expensive when I was a child and my mum would double the amount given in the recipe, it was luxury! Maybe they couldn’t afford saffran on the island?
According to my recipe book Lussekatter are all about the Devil in the shape of a cat. Another weird mid-eval tradition that still live on. There are many different ways of shaping them but usually they look like an ”S”. You decorate them with raisins and sometimes, like I do, with sugar.

If you want to try making them yourself, here’s my favourite recipe:
175g butter
2,5dl sugar, 50g of fresh yeast, 1tsp salt, 2 bags of saffron(0,5gx2), 14dl fluor and 5dl of milk. Melt butter, pour in milk and heat to 37°C. Pour some on the yeast, stir and add the rest. Morcel saffran with some sugar and add to the liquid then sugar and salt. Add fluor and work the dough for 10 min. Let rise for 40min. Roll and shape figures, let rise for another 30 min. Brush with egg, decorate with raisins and sugar. Bake in 200°C oven for about 8-10 min or when they have the right colour. I always add 250g of Kesella but don’r really know the equivalent for it in English, it’s like a yoghurt but more protein and thicker in concistensy, but this is not a have-to.

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