That big yellow thing

DSC_0650Thought I recognised it but couldn’t remember what it was, hmm something from far back…Oh I know it’s the sun! Went swimming when the sun came up. November has been so gray. Some cities further north have had 1hour sunshine in the whole of November. The hens have been locked in their henyard for the past week due to the birdflu scare but seeing them cooped up in the shade broke my heart and I had to let them out. They ran straight to the sunny part of the garden and started cleaning their feathers and eating grass. I went inside for a glass of water just to run back outside to see what the big hullabaloo kackeling was all about. A cat (not ours)was attacking Bugget! Usually they are good at defending them selfes but she had gotten her head stuck in the net. I chucked the water over the cat and it ran off. Poor chicks they are having a rough time, can’t even enjoy the sunshine without risking their life. Not strange they are on an egg-strike. DSC_0659

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