Renting out

temperature is dropping

temperature is dropping

9 °C in the water, not at that burning cold sensation yet that you get at zero, but I opted to keep my woolly hat on going in the water. It’s all very grey and dreary out now but still mild.
One of the challenges that most entrepeneurs on the island have is to make their businesses go around all year. We have no problem renting out our flat upstairs during summer but haven’t even given it a thought during the colder months. Then a friend from the UK told us about Airbnb and we decided to try it out. Signed up and in a few days we had people requesting to stay!  So a week ago we had our first international (paying) visitor staying upstairs. Apparently she likes the Northern climate(!) and wanted to avoid the high season prices. She was very happy with her stay and we couldn’t have asked for a better guest. When we first moved in we were going to renovate the whole upstairs but now I’m happy that we didn’t have time. I like the old genuine feeling upstairs, even the carpet in the hallway.



large bedroom

large bedroom

fantastic carpet...

fantastic carpet…

4 thoughts on “Renting out

  1. Ummm… I think I was the friend who suggested Airbnb but hope you are not renting it out during my visit this Christmas!!!!!! Happy to stay in a tent in the garden during Midsummer but during winter…!!!!!!!!

  2. ja, jag tyckte det var ett riktigt mysigt ställe där på övervåningen när vi intog vår lunch under våtplåtsdagen 🙂
    man blir sugen att hälsa på 😉

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