Vibrant colours

Paintings by Kent Larsson

Paintings by Kent Larsson

DSC_0026 DSC_0029I find it interesting that out of the small population of our island, and the surrounding islands, there are a very large proportion of artists. In August during the Artwave (Konstvågen), artists and craft people open their studios, galleries and homes to the public. This year 93 venues! I’m exhibiting as usual but haven’t had time to give it any thought until today. Spent all morning doing much needed gardening and watering and then met up with some “town friends” for an exhibition down the harbour. The gallery called Ishuset(the Ice house) is such a beautiful place. It used to be where the fishermen filled up on ice for their catch but now it’s re-done and used for events. Some great paintings that reminded me of the vibrant colours of my garden(my new mobile make them way to brilliant but I’m sure I’ll figure out how to use it eventually) and lovely company with friends and the artist. A swim, then home, another swim and finished off with homemade pizza…aaaah a perfect mix of culture and seawater.DSC_0032

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